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September 5, 2014


I want to let you guys in on a blogging app that I love. It’s called Ensambl. It is a fun and useful way to get dressed every day, or even to take along when shopping.

As a nursing mom, there are times I cannot get up from one spot for more than 45 minutes. It’s much easier to be on my phone than to try to balance my laptop somewhere or hold a book.  So having a library of looks at my finger tips to browse through is so convenient. Also when I follow a blogger and see an outfit or idea I love, I’ve thought to myself before, ‘how can I save this for later’?  There are also times I stand in my closet either too early to think or in a rush, and completely forget what I have thought of before, to put together. Lately I will pull out my phone, and in my Ensambl app, I have some of my favorite looks saved. I would bet this happens to a lot of people once in front of all their clothes trying to get dressed.

I had the chance to connect with the founder Dalia Strum, out of New York, and got some really interesting background information on such a cool concept.

“I was inspired to create Ensambl when we had a major snow storm last year. I was definitely not prepared and was at a loss for outfits to wear. Two hours later, 30 pages deep on Google and 15 fashion sites later, searching for outfit inspiration, I started thinking about the fact that there needs to be an easier way of finding looks to browse through and save…. It provides a much needed inspirational platform for enthusiasts to browse styled outfits according to the weather, click on them to browse additional content and save them for a future reference.”

You don’t have to be a seasoned blog reader, or even versed in fashion to really benefit from and enjoy this app. You can get to know bloggers that you might not regularly visit their pages, or be inspired to reach out of your comfort zone and try something new. And if following a blog online just isn’t your thing, this is a place that you can view many different fashion photos all in one place. You can see why for me, I need that accessibility.  Remember the collages we all used to make in middle school, with your favorite things ripped from magazine pages? Now you have a place keep all your favorites because I guess we are grown-ups now… and this is much more easier.

Info on how to use the app:

  • Outfit inspiration and styled looks are populated based on the Weather
  • You can change the state by clicking on the weather icons in the upper left corner
  • Save favorite images by swiping right (or clicking the heart below)  
  • Discard images by swiping left (or clicking the X icon below)
  • Tap on any images for more info
  • Touch the heart in the upper right corner to browse through your favorites


Blog post in collaboration with Ensambl. Head on over to their site for a featured blogger post on City Peach!

Follow them on their main site here, Twitter, and Instagram.



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