A Completely Comfortable Outfit That Is Also Chic

March 31, 2016

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sunglass sweater (sold out, but you can sign up to be emailed when it comes back in stock) and other b+w options here | earrings: Chanel vintage from comsignment | jeans | shoes c/o: Rhea Footwear (on sale now!) | sunglasses c/o Ditto | bag: Celine | stroller c/o: Nuna

{It was windy this day, so I used the rain cover that this stroller comes with to block the wind!}

If you ever feel like you just want to be comfortable but still look presentable, this outfit can be your go-to. I am all about a dressy sweatshirt, slouchy or straight leg denim, and a colorful flat. It’s definitely my go-to because I can wear it out with the kids to the playground or library story time and still look presentable. It’s comfortable enough to run after Jackson (ie: comfortable running flats), get spit up on by Elston, and nurse a baby in a restaurant without feeling like I’m pulling at a million layers, etc. This Rhea flat I get compliments everywhere that I wear it, and the rubber bottoms are a life saver, literally. My other favorite flats are these classic suede flats, these ballet flats, and these espadrilles, and all come in so many perfect colors for spring. Some fancy sweatshirt options can be found here, here, and here.

Also, I found a ton of great options at SheIn. Some are cheeky and some are pretty, but all great prices to try this look!

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So I want to talk about this sweater. First of all, it’s a dupe for the Alice and Olivia ‘Stace Face‘ one from last fall and I was completely obsessed with it, but didn’t want to spend $200+ on a sweater when I was pregnant and wouldn’t even fit into it. And you know I love SheIn, so it’s worth taking a look around the site! Also, here is an awesome flip flop for summer that if you love this sweater, you will love this shoe.


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