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October 12, 2014

hm-blazerhm-blazerhm-blazerhm-blazerhm-blazerhm-blazerhm-blazertop: H&M | blazer: H&M (I did not see the white version but here’s the black) | pants: H&M |  shoes: ALDO | bag: SAKS (old)

This past weekend was one of the longest weekends so far in my motherhood career. It started with a sick baby and a trip to urgent care that turned into an all-nighter at the emergency room. It is ending with a sick mommy and a worn out family. One of the hardest things as a new mom is to have your baby sick and not able to talk to you and tell you exactly what is wrong. (And try to not hysterically cry because your baby is hurting) I so often spend my nights propped up on the sofa holding the babe to sleep and we both doze and wake all night. Nights are hard and have been since the early months when we had colic. With each time it does not get easier, but it does give me more knowledge. For what I’m not sure, but this is what comes with mommy life. I don’t know what I’m doing, I constantly turn to my ‘mommy chat’ with my girlfriends and try to rely on my intuition. I was absolutely saved this morning when I was up all night and about to drop, sick now myself, holding a sick baby. We are staying with my in-laws for now as we sell our townhome, and Robert’s mom took Jackson, bathed him, suctioned the poor stuffy thing, played with him, and put him back to sleep. And I got to go back to bed for a little bit. I was so relieved more than words. I continue to be in awe of any mom anywhere. This stuff is hard. But I wouldn’t change it for the world, and Jackson’s smile every day fills my heart and my energy which runs on empty and my family’s love.

Sorry for the run-on of my weekend, let’s talk clothes. That is a huge reason I need to blog, as an outlet for myself. I wanted to show how you can dress up these ‘lounge’ pants and wear them out in public. You can find them everywhere right now, I saw some really cute ones at Zara, Target, and a couple different ones like mine from H&M. (I am so obsessed with H&M right now, obviously) It’s just a new twist on a jersey pant. I will also pair these with a fitted black sweater and ankle boots for later this winter. (If it ever gets cooler down here). Have a great week!signature


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