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Stuck between my roots in the southern state of Georgia and heart in New York City, I decided to embrace the hybrid and relish in both. City Peach is a fashion and style blog combining all style genres. It celebrates the down to earth girl whether she is the aspiring fashionista or new mommy not ready to give up her ‘girlhood’ (both me). My desire is to inspire people to look, feel, and present their best in the most accessible way possible. I hope to influence someone to step outside their every day thought process in fashion, but not outside their budget or comfort zone.
 This blog was born in the summer of 2014, but has been 30 years in the making. I have loved styling clothes for as long as I can remember… I literally used to sew and tape (ha, yes tape) my Barbie’s clothes using fabric. In college, I was voted best dressed for 3 years in a row by my sorority. I say this trivial piece of information because it’s got to give me some street cred, right? And trust me, I was a poor struggling college student. My point is that it is possible to look chic in anything on any budget with a little creativity! Fast forward, I worked in the clothing industry for over 12 years bringing me to my current jobs I feel so very passionate about now. I am a full-time mommy to 2 under three (this part of life is completely chaotic and messy), part-time wardrobe stylist, and full-time (usually during the night) blogger.
A little bit about where I’m coming from:
I lived in New York City during my quarter-life crisis in my 20’s, where I fell in love with the city and attribute that to a large part of my personality. I am part Southern girl, and other part City girl. I am inspired by vintage and thrift stores and love to incorporate old with new, unique/small business gems with big box stores or on-trend. As a mom, I get that you are not the same person pre-baby (body or mind)… but that doesn’t mean you have to lose your sense of style! This blog is truly my outlet for my personality and soul to grow in a passion and talent that I have reveled in for years, and hope it can be your outlet or inspiration too.
Here is my style eye to create a community that we can all be excited about… I mean we all love clothes. Life is crazy enough, sometimes it helps to know that you can live in style, motherhood, and have both at the same time!



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