Accessorizing An Outfit

December 8, 2016

When it comes to putting together an outfit, sometimes an accessory will tie it all together. I love doing the socks with dress shoes trend, and only if done right. I feel like it’s a tricky trend to try, so go with a dressier sock, but not too toddler(ish). I found these a few years ago, but here is a similar one you can try for a great price! As far as dressy holiday clothes, I will be wearing a few Abbey Glass pieces to spice up the holiday. Abbey is an Atlanta based designer who dresses a large crowd of the social crowd here, and her pieces are incredibly well made. Not just that, but well designed. She designs classic but with a twist, and definitely tailored. Everything fits like a glove, and I would not just say that. This skirt that I outfitted today isn’t even my style normally, but it’s so well done, I love the pattern, and a perfect wear for work to holiday party. I cannot say enough about Abbey Glass and her clothing, so you will have to try it for yourself, or stay tuned to the blog!

Of course you top it all off with a bag, so I like to have my bags be stylish and functional as a mom. I might be channeling a little bit of Clueless era, but the backpack purse is back and better than ever. This specific backpack purse is so sleek and I can be hands free using it in my every day life. I got it via the LuvIt app that I have talked about before. LuvIt gives you cash back every time you buy a product and every time you inspire someone else to shop. Yes, you can earn real money when someone on your network buys a product you Luv‘d or shared. Once you join, you can create collections. I have a few like ‘comfy’, ‘holiday’, and ‘chic style’, which helps categorize and coach on certain ways to wear things. As you create a style network, you can browse their ‘likes’ and collections too, making it easy to find good things because they already did the work for you! I like browsing by designers and just scrolling through, adding items to my ‘like’ list or collections. This way I can see the maximum but diverse pieces of clothing out there. And some of this is so eclectic and different, or high fashion at affordable prices. When looking for my backpack, I did type it in by keyword because I knew I specifically wanted a new backpack purse, so you can do that too. Download LuvIt and follow me (@citypeach).

long-vintage-coat-backpack-purse-city-peach-dress-socks-with-shoe-boots long-vintage-coat-backpack-purse-city-peach-dress-socks-with-shoe-boots backpack-purse-high-waist-skirt-dress-socks-with-shoe-boots-city-peach backpack-purse-high-waist-skirt-dress-socks-with-shoe-boots-city-peach backpack-purse-high-waist-skirt-daniel-wellington-city-peach backpack-purse-high-waist-skirt-daniel-wellington-city-peach backpack-purse-high-waist-skirt-dress-socks-with-shoe-boots-city-peach emerald-green-winter-coat-daniel-wellington-watch-city-peach emerald-green-winter-coat-daniel-wellington-watch-city-peach emerald-coat-mother-son-style emerald-coat-mother-son-style emerald-coat-mother-son-style

turtleneck (obsessed with these tissue turtlenecks AND such a good price) | skirt c/o: Abbey Glass | socks, K.Bell, similar here | coat, my mom’s vintage | backpack purse (Genuine People) c/o: LuvIt | necklace | watch c/o: Daniel Wellington



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  • Megan at Lush to Blush December 8, 2016 at 9:53 pm

    That coat is amazing! I’m in love! So beautiful <3 <3


    Megan at Lush to Blush

    • December 9, 2016 at 11:06 pm

      Thank you Megan!!! Seriously, I don’t think you can find things more well made than a good vintage item! xo

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