Avalon Staycation

July 10, 2017

If you follow me on social media, specifically instagram stories, you know I love Avalon! If you are new around here or maybe not local to Atlanta, I’ll fill you in a little bit. Avalon is a mixed-use space of restaurants, retailers, amenities, condos, in a live, work, play type place. It’s located OTP (outside the perimeter for non Atliens which basically means in the suburbs of Atlanta) in Alpharetta, Georgia. It’s the place to be. Here’s why. Most people I know, which granted, I’m knowing less and less single people and more families, frequent here. People come from all surrounding towns and suburbs to have date nights, play dates, shop, and just hang out. I come here a lot for so many reasons and I genuinely love it here. Most days when I’m with the kids, I like to make sure we are active and doing things that are high energy. We have to get out of the house a lot because by hour 5, the house is destroyed and everyone is stir crazy. Cue a trip to the Avalon, and it’s strictly for my sanity, but you gotta do what you gotta do to survive this motherhood train. Luckily, it’s kid friendly. We love playing on the turf grass (yes thank God it’s turf for this city gal), which is wide open in the middle of the movie theater and shops where the kids can just run around. This is where Little Acorns (the recurring Tuesday kid and mommy activity event) happens. I have met my friends here for play dates and actually met new friends here that became good friends, by just striking up a conversation! We love having date nights at all the restaurants, their movie theater seats are the best around, and Avalon has my favorite pizza place, Antico. You might have seen me obsess over my favorite latte that I grab here on the way to their little kid play area. This place has been a lifesaver for me in this phase of life because my kids are runners and this area is fenced in! If I haven’t convinced you to hang out here on a normal basis yet, I’m going to share my staycation.

Jessica Hughes (of Happily Hughes) and I had a girl’s day out thanks to Avalon, and got to experience some of the retailers that they offer. We started out with a spin class at Flybar, got our hair blown out at Drybar, and then grabbed a 3 course meal at Branch & Barrel. Which by the way, their crispy brussel sprouts are amazing and I don’t even like brussel sprouts… like at all. I finished it off with an amazing bread pudding. You have to go here and ask for both of those things! We then did some shopping at some of our favorite shops, Anthropologie, South Moon Under, and Scout and Molly’s. We had so much fun putting outfits together and you know I loved finding random stuff to go together and create! Which is actually what we did at South Moon Under just for fun. Jessica and I create outfits for each other with random pieces, and then the other person ┬áhad to wear it all together. We wrapped up the day at MF bar, which is the new sushi restaurant and as a sushi lover, can honestly say it’s the best sushi I’ve ever had! You have to try this place at least once! The owner Alex has a sister sushi restaurant in Atlanta, but I think by bringing it up to the suburbs, is so perfect for date nights, or even to grab a lunch here.

As we shopped, I had my eye on a few items that I couldn’t help but think about for fall. I ended up with two items I am SO excited about. The first is the softest over-sized oxford shirt from Anthro with stripes. The second is a grey suede jacket (got it from South Moon Under) that is going to be amazing for fall and winter. The fit is perfect, the real suede is so soft and smells so good, and price is a little high, but worth the investment. Both items are below in my shop the post widget! You need both, and I suggest even just trying them both on, because you will fall in love with the fit of both!



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