Bikini Frills

May 22, 2017

Who doesn’t love a good bikini? Ok, yes, lots of us because they can be scary. But then sometimes you find a perfect one and it’s so amazing. So, I am going to apologize right off the bat because this one is almost sold out, and pretty much out of stock in most sizes. I had to have this one the minute I saw it, and it’s actually like two sizes too small because it’s cutting off my rib cage, but hey, YOLO. It could be a possibility they will restock this, and I’m serious, you can always write them and ask! I did find you some great ruffled bathing suit options below one ones that I am loving and highly recommend!

bridal-bikini-blush-white-ruffles-city-peach-swim-wearbridal-bikini-blush-white-ruffles-city-peach-swim-wear bridal-bikini-blush-white-ruffles-city-peach-swim-wearbridal-bikini-blush-white-ruffles-city-peach-swim-wear bridal-bikini-blush-white-ruffles-city-peach-swim-wear

my white/blush ruffled bathing suit – top/bottom¬†(for reference, I am wearing a size 0 in the bottom and 0 in the top and it is extremely small. I would probably want a 4 or 6 in this brand, but at the time, 0 was all that was available. SO, there are still 8’s and up left!

gingham perfection

blush ruffle

one piece ruffle – absolutely LOVE this one

white ruffle

pricey, but so cute – esp for fake boobies, seriously, because they need to stay in this!

floral cut-out one piece

actual flowers on a suit, so so cute!

pink ruffle one piece

plunge peplum

similar to mine, only a tangerine color

white and navy ruffle

Thank you so much for stopping by! I have a few great outfit posts this week and am so excited to share! And ¬†actually have time this week! As we are definitely relaxing, it is so nice to have a few hours to work, with a clear mind. I absolutely love the blog and styling, and sometimes can’t give it the attention I would like to, so this week is equally therapeutic as it is relaxing for me. #hustledoesntsleep

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