A Chunky Sweater Guide

November 11, 2016



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It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Well, one of them: Sweater weather! My inspiration for this post was a couple things. Let’s start with the most important: that horse sweater. So there is history with this sweater, Anthro sold it years ago… 5 years ago to be exact, and people went crazy. It sold out and they still had requests for it. This is when I worked for them in New York and I am telling you first hand, people went crazy over it. I cannot count how many times I was stopped on the street while wearing it and having someone ask me where it was from. And maybe I’m just being partial, but it’s the greatest sweater of all time. Worth. The. Price. I would buy it again if I didn’t already have it. I’m actually wearing it right now. And it’s 2am… but I’m cold, so it works. It will go with literally everything and it is the warmest thing ever. I usually just wear this as a coat (here in the south.. in the north, it was my layer before my puffer jacket). If you purchase this you will not regret it, and you will wear it for years the rest of your life.

So if you are still reading this and haven’t concluded that I am crazy… I also have this chunky cable knit that I found one day on the floor of an H&M mess and get asked about that one also. That one is extremely similar to number six above and the same price too. So all this is why I thought I would round up my favorite chunky cardigans so you can shop them. All of these will be perfect for layering with plaid shirts, or over dresses, or even just a simple white shirt or turtleneck. And you know me, you can always belt it!



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