Dressing For Fall: Part 2

September 21, 2016

J.Crew-city-peach-fall-layering-leopard-sweater-pencil-skirt J.Crew-fall-layering-leopard-sweater J.Crew-fall-layering-leopard-sweater-pencil-skirt J.Crew-citypeach-fall-layering-leopard-sweater-pencil-skirt J.Crew-city-peach-fall-layering-leopard-sweater J.Crew-fall-layering-leopard-sweater J.Crew-fall-layering-leopard-sweater J.Crew-fall-layering-leopard-sweater J.Crew-fall-layering-leopard-sweater

striped top, older H&M, two options here and here | leopard sweater and skirt: J.Crew Factory | jacket, older Zara, this is an option, two military style ones here and hereclutch | shoes  | bracelet

For part 2 of my styling with North Georgia Premium Outlets, I wanted to create a business casual outfit that is dressy enough for work, casual but versatile enough to take each piece and wear it separately throughout the season, and fun with patterns or colors. I’m showing this outfit two different ways to encourage you to get creative, and be able to get use out of it as a whole. Everyone needs a high waist skirt, and I chose this tomato red for a pop of color, and can pair it with other oranges/reds/mustards for a colorful fall theme, or stay with neutral taupes and browns. I also want to point out that this is not red and I am not wearing red and black (we are Auburn fans) but this would be perfect for a gameday outfit as well, just add a shoe boot instead of a heel. This outfit isn’t entirely my idea, I did have a moment of inspiration when I was in J.Crew one day, and they had a similar color scheme. I loved it so much I snapped the mannequin on my iphone and just kept it for later use. So when I went into J.Crew Factory, I was SO excited to see a version of this leopard sweater and color skirt, then I added my own striped top and jacket. Leopard has become a neutral these days and you will see people joke about that, but it’s valid. As a neutral, you can mix it with other patterns and colors, or have it be the main focus of the outfit. I see this leopard sweater as an absolute wardrobe staple and it’s actually an item in my closet I am most excited about for this upcoming season. And it was the best price, so go get it!!!

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