Drop Waist Dress

October 12, 2016

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dress c/o: MakeMeChic | jacket | boots | clutch 

This dress is very flowy and forgiving, and I was actually apprehensive about this style for awhile. I didn’t want it to be too tent-like. It’s a style that can be worn by many people, and here is how to make it flattering. I paired a high boot, going with my balance rule (I talk about the balance rule here in the latest article that I shared), allowing the boot and leg to shine, as opposed to the dress taking over. I also added a jacket to slim it and add a layer because you know I’m obsessed with layers. Another option that I love is to wear a drop waist dress with a vest, and more preferably, a fur one. There are so many options you can trade out to give this dress a completely different look. This would look great with shoe booties too!


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