I Woke Up Like This

September 11, 2016

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Something I do not leave the house without, is mascara. And well, from that first before picture, you can probably see why. My eyelashes are so blonde (usually… now they are falling out like crazy along with my hair because that’s what happens after baby). Since they are so blonde, I have always had a routine with my mascara that takes around 25 coats… if you ask my friends that is probably not an exaggeration. When discovering eyelash extensions, I thought two things: it’s probably too high maintenance and will they look real? I never thought I would want to try them because I already had lashes I was happy with… when I took the time to do them. It turns out they were the exact opposite of what I initially thought. They are completely low maintenance and they look incredibly real because you can have them customized to exactly how you would like them to look. I thought this would be perfect for moms, or anyone that doesn’t have time (or wants to cut down time) in their every day routine! Just like Beyonce, you can literally wake up like this… But seriously, it’s been really nice to actually wake up and go around town without even thinking twice about doing my eye makeup. And in this heat, I don’t want to do my makeup at all on an everyday basis. I also kept thinking, I wish I knew about this for my wedding/honeymoon/anything involving water where I wanted to actually look cute but my makeup would be running. So for me, and a large handful of moms I know that have them, we are loving it! And now that I’m noticing, it seems like everyone has eyelash extensions. I chose Buckhead Lash because they are one in the best in Atlanta. They use the best quality ingredients and lashes. (Anita the owner makes sure she uses only the best products)

A few facts you might not know about eyelash extensions:

-an application for a new set takes around 2 hours

-you can get them as long, short, full, as you want.. you can choose your own style!

-the lash is applied to each individual lash of your own

-they will shed with your natural eyelash shedding schedule (everyone is different)

-you need to use the recommended cleanser, and not an oil based one

-you can get them wet, wear mascara (lash extension friendly one), and separate them with a tiny brush a they dry

-you don’t feel them at all (fuss free!)

For my Atlanta gals! If you want to come in and try, just mention City Peach when you call to schedule your appointment or in the Special Requests section when booking online and get $20 your first set. This exclusive offer for City Peach readers is valid through 9/30. www.buckheadlashstudio.com | (404) 254-4097 {and follow them on insta for updates! @BuckheadLash}


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