India Hicks: It’s all about the details

September 8, 2015

IndiaHicks 024IndiaHicks 025 IndiaHicks 030 IndiaHicks 032 IndiaHicks 036 IndiaHicks 037 IndiaHicks 038 IndiaHicks 040 IndiaHicks 052 IndiaHicks 057 IndiaHicks 062 IndiaHicks 064English Rose Perfume | The Grove Handwash and Lotion | Tassel (detachable) in Stone, {also available in Black, Flamingo Orange, and Wine} | Carmen Clutch in Stone and Wine {also available in Black and Flamingo Orange| Duchess of Windsor Bag (perfect to use as baby bag or laptop bag!) | Heritage Scarf in Poppy Red check out their other colors too! | The Flat Stanley Pouch (2 other colors!) | The Insider Clutch (check out their multiple colors)| Baby Dutchess Makeup Kit | Token: Mamacita and Footsteps — this one is literally adorable and perfect for any mom or mommy to be! | Mr. & Mrs. cord {comes in 3 other colors plus options for gold/silver hardware} | India Hicks tassel horn necklace coming to the collection soon! | military vest: TJ Maxx, {here are 3 identical options in all prices: one, two, three}

I’ve gotten to know a really cool designer, India Hicks, and a world full of royalty products. India is royalty herself, growing up in England and living now on Harbour Island in the Bahamas. Her Godfather is the Prince of Wales, she was a bridesmaid in Princess Diana’s wedding, and has some pretty famous connections. She uses the same manufacturers used by Christian Louboutin, Ralph Lauren, Tory Burch, and Lancome for all of her products, and has deep ties with Ralph Lauren as she used to model for him. India Hick’s story is one to get lost in like a good book, and a designer to definitely put on your radar. You can visit her site here and read more on her story.

Each piece in her collection has a story of British heritage and her island life and is known for her acute detailing on her products. The more close attention I paid, the more I noticed it, whether it was with the jagged edges of her charms to represent a pocket watch crown, to the jagged edging on her leather tags, and the gold H on the zipper of her bags. I love when a brand does that, and it’s the little details that make something so rich. The products are well-made, and remind me of something you would find at Anthropologie. I wouldn’t be surprised if this designer popped up in their featured designers one day.

Ps. I get asked a lot what kinds of baby bags I recommend, and so far, I haven’t LOVED any. I always look for something that does not look like your typical mom bag, but chic and big enough to hold everything you need… which is a lot when you load in food, toys, bottles, changes of clothes, emergency restaurant survival kits, planner, and I’m not even getting into my own stuff like makeup and 8 pairs of glasses (just in case). Except who am I kidding, I need a suitcase wherever I go, to hold everything I might need #highmaintenance. I’m the type that when I carry a clutch, there is a huge bag close by that I can throw it in to live my every day life. Anywayyy, I absolutely LOVE this bag and would use this as a chic baby bag as well as a work bag.

Also, if you are looking for a new fragrance, I highly recommend this, it is my new favorite. The price is comparable to any designer perfume, and actually budget friendly for the size that it is. The smell is clean and light, and so perfect, it’s so hard to describe… it’s just good! If you can’t commit to the perfume, try the handwash and lotion, because the bottle would look so good in a bathroom as decor!

If you are interested in purchasing anything

If you are interested in purchasing, anything click on the link below to shop with local Style Ambassador, Kathryn Adams:

You can sell for them too! If you are interested in learning more about India Hick’s business opportunities contact Ginnie Baskin, Founding Leader/Director & Independent Style Ambassador at

I definitely recommend checking it out though for yourself, or perfect as gifts!

xo, Mireille

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  • Mum September 9, 2015 at 10:00 am

    I’ve read about her for years and love her line, especially her jewelry. I’m such a Royalist anyway so love the English influence. Very cool!

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