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October 29, 2014

jcrew-kneesocks jcrew-kneesocks jcrew-kneesocks jcrew-kneesocks jcrew-kneesockstop: Burberry (consignment) | dress: J.Crew (from this summer) | boots: Nordstrom (old, but similar here) | knee socks: H&M | watch: Michael Kors | bag: Forever 21

I love chilly drury fall days. This morning was literally so hectic with Jackson and trying to suction his poor stuffy nose. I feel like a walking zombie running around with no head sometimes. I really think Robert thinks I’m insane. Because then, I will actually shower get out of the shower one day, get done up, and feel rejuvenated. It usually doesn’t last long to going back to feeling frazzled. Sometimes I think my love for clothes and fashion is the only thing that keeps me sane, because it’s like a piece of the old me. The me that I am trying to desperately hold on to because it’s deep inside, but I also have this new life as a mommy that I am trying to get used to. It’s so weird and crazy how I look at Jackson and Robert knowing I wished for this life for so long, and how it’s my reality. I am working to live more in the moment since I used to constantly be worried about the future and making sure it went according to plan. Well, that plan laughs in your face, so I’ve learned that one.

This outfit brings back the knee socks. Right now, a lot of my outfits are thrown together last minute with the plethora of clothes I have in my closet and sometimes forget about. Then I will think, oh that works. I try to think outside of the box and be creative and hope I can encourage the same thing. Although I seem to always have a long list of my items I ‘need, but for real, just one more item will complete my life’ list. I am working hard on a new blog layout and I am so excited about it!!! I hope you stay tuned.

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