Kid Style: Elston’s Dress Up Rack

October 4, 2017

Naturally as a mother, you have these visions for your children that you hope they will love, or adopt. One thing that is important to me as they are getting older, is to create spaces so they can be creative. They don’t need a million toys or the latest everything, but I do want to provide enough for them so they can explore what they love and learn to actually know what they love. This is how I feel about certain areas of the house, or toys I get them. It is all strategic in helping them become their own people. I want them to have a little bit of the imaginary world that my generation had as kids. I read somewhere in a recent article that my generation (after gen X and before millenials) is the first generation to grow up in old school ways and then adapt with technology. We didn’t have it as kids and still had the ability to create our own play and have an imagination. Our generation still played outside and can live without technology. We might not want to, but we can. I want my kids to know a little bit of this. I don’t want them to be reliant on other things for their entertainment, but be able to just ‘play’. When I just watch them when we are in the playroom, they can do just that. Jackson talks to his cars and Elston legit has tea parties with her babies.

This morning I showed Jackson and Elston a new addition to E’s room. I had gone to the consignment store and grabbed some cool costumes and capes super cheap and hung them on Elston’s new clothing rack. As we cumulate all kinds of random dress up clothes, I hope this can be something they can play with either with each other or with friends, in any capacity. I am obsessed with this rack and it’s able to be special to Elston with her name on it! It’s from My 1st Years and you need to shop this site because it’s the perfect place for gifts! This site is legit the top online place for personalized gifts, but almost everything is able to be personalized. They have holiday specific items, clothes, blankets, and special occasion outfits. You can find Elston’s clothing rack HERE, and the price is comparable to any other retailer (only better because it’s personalized!) OR DIY, because we had looked into that as well, and you would spend just as much. It’s the perfect addition to Elston’s room and will be able to hang all their dress up items, and maybe even spark a mini fashionista or designer one day.

I have covered Elston’s room before, when she had just been born, but I put a lot into her room, so I wanted to blog about it again with a new addition. Robert jokes about how I put a lot more effort into her room than I did Jackson’s room. This is partially true. Jackson’s room just came together as time went on, and ended up being pretty awesome and personal to him. But I’m also super girly and had dreamt about my daughter for approx 30 years, so it was just natural for me to decorate and go a little girl crazy. So here are a few pics from her room in addition to her new awesome clothing rack!

Maybe because Jackson and Elston have old school parents that know a simplier life and still have to physically write things down, they will have a window into the ‘old days’ and be able to appreciate using their imagination. Either way, I’m going to force a few old school values on them anyway, ha!


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  • Reply Cait October 5, 2017 at 3:10 pm

    this could NOT be cuter 🙂 I just put a little dressing room area for my kids playroom ( both a boy and a girl ) and love how you incorporate such cute items for them to enjoy together in her room!

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