Lace from the past

October 27, 2014

lace-corduroy lace-corduroy lace-corduroy lace-corduroy lace-corduroy lace-corduroytop: Lace: old, Button down: Forever21 | pants: Anthropologie | sweater: Anthropologie | boots: Nordstrom (old) | watch: Michael Kors | necklace: Lord & Taylor, Guardian Jewelry | bag: LV

Whaaat a weekend, it’s Monday and I’m exhausted. We had a full past couple of days and a babymania day yesterday with my best friend’s baby shower. It was so great to get us all together with babies crawling, screaming, laughing all over the place. We all talk every day on an iPhone app that allows us to be a part of a huge chatroom… and someone is always talking/having topics of the day/sharing/gushing/supporting each other’s lives. Most of us are sorority sisters, so we are going on 12 years now and know we are very lucky to have the group that we do. It’s so funny when we get together now, the dynamic is very different, and I’m sure will continue to change through the stages of our lives. We have gone from ‘rush crushes’ to sorority hall living, dancing around to sharing clothes, spring breaks, not letting go of spring break, adult spring breaks, being in each other’s weddings, the crazy quarter-life crises, to now sharing recipes and mom stories in the middle of the night, or the latest in the non-mom’s adventures. Yesterday we cooked, set up, celebrated Jaime, took pictures, told mommy stories (sharing ‘what no one tells you’ about mommyhood, like your hair falling out in chunks), swapped advice, cleaned up, fed babies, and then rushed home to our own lives. The lives that don’t have our ‘besties’ in them every second or in the next room.

I guess this outfit brought back some of that nostalgia because I almost laughed when I thought to post this lace shirt. It’s legit from 2003, and I have not worn it in years. But I really love it and haven’t seen anything like it since. I decided to wear it over these high-waist corduroys so I’m not exactly cutting off the pant. I also tried a longer shirt for a more comfy look but still layered. Hope everyone has a great week!

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