Let’s Go To The Mall!

July 27, 2017

Back to School, Back to the mall… Simon Mall that is, and in this case, Town Center at Cobb. Any fellow East Cobb babies out there that grew up in this mall? I have memories of my parents bringing me to see santa and dancing around the black and white floor and in the fountains (there were fountains at the time). This weekend, Town Center (among some surrounding Simon malls like Lenox, North Georgia, Phipps, etc.) is running a ‘Better Than Tax Free’ weekend starting tomorrow, July 28th until Sunday, July 3oth. What does this mean? Well, Georgia in general is not participating in tax-free weekends this year, so the malls stepped up anyway to be able to give it’s patrons some great deals for their back to school shoppers. Shoppers will receive a $10 American Express Simon Giftcard for every $100 spent, up to $500 total spent. If you go and need additional information or to redeem receipts, you can visit the Mall Office (by Chik-fil-A).

Yesterday, I took my instafam along with me to partner with and explore Town Center and shop for the day. My day is on Instastories now, so go follow along and check out my finds! What’s funny was that I arrived and met with my contacts and they asked if I needed a map. Normally, people would need a map for a mall that they are not familiar with. But something that is my specialty is 1. directions and 2. shopping… so I can definitely navigate a mall. I’m a 90’s baby, I grew up in malls! It was my favorite place to hang out as a tween (duh), a getaway when I finally started driving, and now sometimes a break for me when I need to take the kids somewhere on a rainy day. As much as online shopping is the norm these days, there is something about the mall! Who (honestly) doesn’t love the smell of Auntie Anne’s and clothes!? And forget shopping for my family online.. for me yes, but for them, I need to go in person! A few things that stood out to me from yesterday’s shopping trip to Town Center at Cobb, were a few of the stores they have that are not anywhere else. They had a Journey’s for kids, which in my opinion, is the best place for kids’ shoes! Literally, they had baby Birkenstocks and Vans! They also had the biggest Forever 21 that offered so many little specialty sections in the store. Town Center did have an Abercrombie kids too, which is rare now since most of those stores were consolidated. I had a lot of fun just walking around window shopping and reliving my 90’s days, and satisfying the teenage girl in me.

I snapped some great outfit creations from H&M for the stylish mom on a budget and hope you can gain some inspiration from them. Or if you love them, go get them and recreate it! I visited the cute boutiques, brooklyn’s, Francesca’s, and Fiore and played a little at Sephora. My other stops to H&M, Journey’s, and a few others are all on IG stories now.

Head out to Town Center this weekend if you need any kind of back to school items or clothes, because this special offer is the time to do it! Shoppers are encouraged to share their hauls on social media, so use the hashtag #mybtshaul for a chance to win Simon gift cards and a $5,000 shopping spree! Also, HERE are the deals going on!

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  • Megan at Lush to Blush July 27, 2017 at 4:48 pm

    Such great finds! Seriously obsessing over those point toe flats!

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