Little Baby Basics With Carter’s

June 7, 2017
“This post is sponsored by Carter’s; however, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.”

Any parent can attest to the fact that baby changes everything. From sleeping in to sleeping at all, normal weekend plans to the bigger picture in life, each child brings a new change. They also bring someone wonderful in their own way. I thought my life was fulfilled when it was Jackson and we were napping together, eating together, and reading our nightly bedtime book. It was a love and purpose that I had not felt before he came along. Then Elston came and she changed everything again. Getting everyone to nap at the same time is almost impossible unless we are in the car. Meal time pretty much involves Jackson and Elston eating together and me running around like crazy either cleaning up, or standing at the counter trying to get a bite in before they finish. Story time at night usually involves trying to keep everyone on the bed and actually finishing a few pages. But having Elston here is a new fulfillment and I cannot imagine her not here to complete the family. One of my favorite times and places with the kids is our bed, in the morning. Everyone magically isn’t going in a ton of directions because they just want to be there and the kids are snuggly and giggly. The morning light is crisp and promising. Having Elston as our ‘new baby’ definitely makes everything we do take twice as long, as does having kids in general, but with some things, it’s the best thing. I love that our mornings of waking up and just lounging take twice as long. I love that our quality time in our snuggly bed lasts until someone gets really hungry, or sometimes this elongated time allows for cheerios and milk to come to us in our big bed. I love that my favorite time of the day in the bright morning, allows us to relish in our moments together just a little while longer. So maybe twice as long isn’t so bad sometimes!

I have a lot of fun putting both kids in cute and fun looking pajamas, sometimes coordinating. I make sure I get extremely soft ones that are long sleeve and two piece because it will keep them warm at night and it’s easiest to work with. You guys probably know by now that we love Carter’s and I am always getting new soft baby girl clothes for Elston to just lounge around in, (especially their Little Baby Basics), and soft polo and shorts sets for Jackson. I think a lot of people don’t realize that this line is first of all so soft, but also goes up until 24 months. It’s not just newborns, although it does make a great shower gift. I usually get people the zip up onesies or the baby clothes bundles because that what we use that young! I had to get this little outfit for Elston because it says ‘Hello My Love’. This is what Robert and I have always said, and we say it to the kids too! Jackson actually has picked up on it and will say it too out of nowhere, it’s the cutest thing.

mom-and-baby-Carters-bedroom Carters-little-baby-basics-kid-fashion-clothes Carters-little-baby-basics-kid-fashion-clothes Carters-little-baby-basics-kid-fashion-clothes Carters-little-baby-basics-kid-fashion-clothes-baby-laughing-city-peach Carters-little-baby-basics-kid-fashion-clothes Carters-little-baby-basics-kid-fashion-clothes-siblings Carters-little-baby-basics-kid-fashion-clothes Carters-little-baby-basics-kid-fashion-clothes-reading-book

This is my favorite night time book, I think it’s old, but it’s so sweet and soothingCarters-little-baby-basics-kid-fashion-clothes-reading-book Carters-little-baby-basics-kid-fashion-clothes Carters-little-baby-basics-kid-fashion-clothes Carters-little-baby-basics-kid-fashion-clothes

I am laughing hysterically at this picture below, of just Jackson’s wild feet!mom-and-baby-Carters-bedroom mom-and-baby-Carters-bedroommom-and-baby-Carters-bedroom Carters-little-baby-basics-kid-fashion-clothesCarters-little-baby-basics-kid-fashion-clothes-heart-pants mommy-little-baby-basics-ice-cream-jumpsuit-style-city-peach mommy-little-baby-basics-ice-cream-jumpsuit-style-city-peach mommy-little-baby-basics-ice-cream-jumpsuit-style-city-peach little-baby-basics-ice-cream-toddler-style-bow little-baby-basics-ice-cream-toddler-style little-baby-basics-ice-cream-toddler-style little-baby-basics-ice-cream-toddler-style-bowElston’s grey pant set (in store cannot find online) | Elston’s Little Sister onesie | white knit cardigan (in pink too!) | my jumpsuit coming soon to the blog

I love Carter’s little sets, and the sweater Elston is wearing in the ice cream pics is one of my favorites. I actually got it for her when she was just born and she wore it until she was about 10 months old (it runs fairly large). I just got her another one in her current size, and just noticed that they have them for boys too! It’s a great summer sweater, and what’s funny is that it matches my knit cardigans that I am obsessed with and wear all the time!

To find a store nearest you, check out the list HERE:

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