Mommy Monday With BURU

November 7, 2016

nursing-friendly-clothing-BURU-fashion-sweatpants nursing-friendly-clothing-BURU-fashion-sweatpants nursing-friendly-clothing-BURU-fashion-sweatpants nursing-friendly-clothing-BURU-fashion-sweatpants

pants c/o: BURU | top, older | jacket, vintage but I am truly obsessed with both of these here and here | shoe boots | necklace c/o: Baublebar (I altered mine alittle to be more my style) | clutch

It’s Mommy Monday, so I am introducing another brand to you that I hope you’ll love just as much as me. BURU is a brand that I truly believe in their concept and stand behind 100%. It is one of the first to bring high fashion items and styles to the nursing mom, and have it be relevant enough to wear long after the ‘baby phase’. If you know me personally, you know I feel very strongly about nursing my kiddos, and not inconveniencing my life at all for it… aka: I’ll nurse anywhere and not think twice about it or people around me. So finding a wardrobe sometimes is challenging just for comfort or accessibility. You don’t want to be fussing with your clothes too much when you have to nurse your babe on the go, they are hungry and you just want to do it. And if you have a toddler, chances are you will get up often to run them down and you don’t want to have to worry about too much readjusting. You want nursing friendly anything in general, even if you are just at home sitting down… you want to be comfortable! If you are a mommy or mom-to-be, you should definitely check out their site, seriously, everything is so fabulous. And everyone should read about them (HERE) because I love that they bring realness and something that is so true to a mother’s every day life and normalize it. They are making it easy to love clothes and fashion at every stage of your motherhood.

Check out my other mommy blogger gals and how they all styled a different piece of the BURU White Label!

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