Mommy Monday With ‘Well Kept’

July 25, 2016

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It’s Mommy Monday, which means I have teamed up with the 4 other awesome bloggers for a blog post about something we love/use/discovered. This month we are highlighting something that is imperative for your phone, but a necessity that sometimes gets overlooked. Everyone should be cleaning their phone daily, and what’s easier than having a cute pack of wipes to carry about with you? Statistics say that your phone is dirtier than a public restroom. Think about it, your hands that touch many other things throughout the day, touch your phone that doesn’t normally get cleaned. I’m sure you also lay it down in so many places.

As many of you know, I am obsessed with wipes and use baby wipes on everything. The reason I love Well Kept is because they have alcohol in them, so I can actually use them to kill germs in public places, and it’s easy to pull them out. They are in a cute case and small enough to stick anywhere! And speaking of phones, most people live on their phone and use it as a note taker, gps, music player in the car with screaming babies, among everything else in this world. Since most of us can’t live without it, we are talking about a few apps that we use daily:

Snapchat: to document our days for friends/readers, but a huge part of using this for me, is saving the videos to my phone as kind of a virtual diary for my kids (think modern home movies)

WhatsApp: This is for my sanity. I use this to talk in a chatroom with 12 of my college best girlfriends. We have an ongoing conversation always, and it’s been active for 10 years now!!!! – since we graduated college and are not a room away on the sorority hall anymore. Some days you talk, some days you read, some you just can’t check it but catch up later. This is my lifeline for random questions, knowing what is going on in my friends’ lives, to gossip to just overall adult interaction and an outlet for me.

Kroger Clicklist: not exactly an app, but on my Safari because how amazing is one less store to have to unbuckle screaming kids into?! (apparently from proofreading all of this, we scream a lot) You can order what you want from the grocery store and they bring it out to your car for you!!! This is the greatest invention of all time.

Starbucks App: Because it’s easy, no card or cash to deal with, and helps rack up points to get free drinks! … and I obviously need to visit often because my kids don’t sleep and this is my treat for surviving. #basic

Pandora: I need to be able to play sing along toddler songs at the drop of a hat

Come along and visit my other mommy blogger friends for a look on their uses for Well Kept wipes, and ideas on some useful apps for the busy mom!

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