Navy and White

April 28, 2017

You know I love those slightly different outfits, sometimes a little crazy and other times wearable for the every day person. This outfit is a mix of that. Initially, I did not intend from the entire outfit to be from Zara, but it is… and I am completely obsessed with all their clothes right now. Everything is so good, and most of it is reasonable affordable. And I love how it’s a twist on what is in all the mainstream stores. I’m in a phase right now where I’m tired of seeing the same clothes on everyone. I mean, I follow a lot of other fashion bloggers (and you might as well), so I am immersed in it, but feel like I see it all the time.

These pants are completely amazing and so comfortable. This is the perfect office outfit to try for warm weather and for something a little different. Think spring workwear. I wore it to one of my Mart styling days. If you don’t have a pair of high waist pants, these are perfect to try. Same with a striped pair, either a railroad pattern or flat out stripes, they will be in all summer. Try it with a bright red top, or maybe yellow! This tip is the coolest thing, it’s one piece and ties in the back with a little shirt tail. Kind of like a mullet top: sleek in the front, party in the back. I paired it with denim shorts for a more casual look… it’s ok, I know I’m super pale but I’m embracing it these days. I found all outfit details online, so definitely check them out, they are affordable so worth trying! If you need more ideas on spring workwear, hit me up, I have so many great options!

workwear-summer-outfit-highwaist-striped-pants-Zara-bow-flats-city-peachworkwear-summer-outfit-highwaist-striped-pants-Zara-bow-flats-city-peachworkwear-summer-outfit-highwaist-striped-pants-Zara-bow-flats-city-peachworkwear-summer-outfit-highwaist-striped-pants-Zara-bow-flats-city-peachworkwear-summer-outfit-highwaist-striped-pants-Zara-bow-flats-city-peachworkwear-summer-outfit-highwaist-striped-pants-Zara-bow-flats-city-peachsummer-outfit-denim-shorts-Zara-bow-flats-city-peach summer-outfit-denim-shorts-Zara-bow-flats-city-peach summer-outfit-denim-shorts-Zara-bow-flats-city-peachsummer-outfit-denim-shorts-Zara-bow-flats-city-peach summer-outfit-workwear-highwaist-pants-Zara-bow-flats-city-peachtop | pants, and they come in polkadot too! another version here (I want these too), a metallic culotte omg! | shoes, nude is pretty much sold out, but black is still available! | clutch c/o: Gigi New York | necklace (is adjustable to be a choker!) c/o: Kendra Scott  | denim shorts (similar)

Have a great weekend! We are getting a kid free Saturday! Follow along on Instastories to see what we do with this valuable time!

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