NYFW: LTK Party Outfit and Trying The Sock Trend

September 20, 2017

New York Fashion Week is about pushing boundaries and trying an ‘outside of the box’ look from your norm. I obviously like to do this on a normal basis, so in New York, I feel almost an energy and inspirational support from the city itself to basically wear anything. If the fashion gods have a home, this is it, and the place to try anything and everything. I knew I loved the sock trend, I blogged about it HERE approx 2.5 years ago and HERE last winter thank you very much, so this was the place to do it up big. And what’s bigger than sequins?! Also, in blogger world LikeToKnowIt and all things rewardStyle is a big deal, so getting invited to their events is major. I was honored to be able to go to their NYFW rooftop party on Saturday, so I knew I needed a ‘wow’ outfit. I went with this amazing jumpsuit because I feel at home in a jumpsuit, and made it my own with the socks and shoes.

I wanted to touch on this because I’ve been thinking about it lately as I dress other women, and even embrace my own style in this stage of my life. In the last few years, I have embraced my flat chest, and actually appreciate it much more than I did in college. So when I saw this jumpsuit, I didn’t worry about filling it out or ‘having cleavage’, in fact, I was going to do the opposite and emphasize my body type! It’s actually been pretty liberating lately not worrying about filling in a AA bra, I just don’t wear one! Haha, I’ve been opting for bralettes instead, which actually fit because there is no predetermined cup, and I’ve been much happier about it all. I go on about this, because I used to get so sad that I wasn’t like everyone else, or even filled out a bra. No swimsuit has ever fit me, and even bras don’t fit me, my body does not conform to even the manufactured cup size. Of course in middle school as I watched all my friends grow, and I didn’t, it was hard when at that age, all you want to do is be like everyone else. I was for sure made fun of by mean boys and always swore I would get implants as soon as I was done having babies. When I went to a C cup while nursing, was actually when I had the realization I had loved my body all along. I was like, what are these and it threw off my whole body vibe. I couldn’t wait to go back down to my AA’s because that was me, that was what I loved about myself all along. And I’ve pretty much adopted an ‘IDGAF’ attitude about what people think anyway, especially when it comes to style or looks! Well, I want you to like my outfits, but IDGAF if people don’t haha, which I want to inspire with style, as well as just confidence with clothes for each individual person! The moral of the story is to embrace who you are and what you have (or don’t have) and make it your own look!

Let’s talk about the outfit of the hour. The jumpsuit is a bit pricey but I had in mind that I will wear it through the winter with (more socks haha) and a turtleneck underneath. The sequin socks are SO fun, I suggest trying them for any kind of event, and the shoes are actually a style I’ve been wanting for awhile. They are not the most comfortable because the heel is somewhat high, but they flatter and will go with any wintertime or holiday outfit! And they are worth it at $48. You can shop it all below in the ‘shop the post’!

sequin-socks-free-people-lace-jumpsuit-NYFW-city-peach sequin-socks-free-people-lace-jumpsuit-NYFW-city-peach sequin-socks-free-people-lace-jumpsuit-NYFW-city-peachsequin-socks-free-people-lace-jumpsuit-NYFW-city-peach sequin-socks-free-people-lace-jumpsuit-NYFW-city-peach sequin-socks-free-people-lace-jumpsuit-NYFW-city-peach sequin-socks-free-people-lace-jumpsuit-NYFW-city-peach

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