NYFW: Pink Overalls

September 26, 2017

Today I’m sharing one of my favorite NYFW outfits, these pink overalls! They were literally so tight, I possibly could have gone up a size, but it was ASOS, so you pick a size and roll the dice! I love the overall look, but since it was NYFW, I chose to elevate it by adding a trendy heel and not wearing a shirt under it. At first I was even going to try a bralette, but then I figured I would play up the no-boob Kate Moss look, so I went for it! #YOLO

The bottom of the overalls are a kick flare and since I’m obsessed with that style, I figured it needed a statement shoe. I will be wearing these overalls through the fall, and adding a striped shirt, and possibly some grey booties. More to come on that, because this is a very loud outfit and could be something you would only want to wear once. Since I love it, I’m going to work at changing it up to get more use out of it.

For this day during NYFW, we visited the LikeToKnowIt wall and the Baublebar showroom. We knew we had to make a visit to this wall since it’s a blogger thing, and being involved with all things Rewardstyle is like a status thing, we had to get the pic! When we made our way to the Baublebar showroom, we were starving… which was a recurring theme during this week. We wanted to pack in so many things, we literally never had time to eat, which is somewhat ironic but also sad being in a city of good food! Baublebar showered us with snacks, a pretty showroom, and baubles to choose from! We ran into Courtney Kerr, which was Lindsay’s idol, chatted, and ate snacks… well, I could’ve been the only one eating the snacks but I was dying at this point. My friend Morgan, who I work with at the Mart, came along with us, and she’s just the cutest fashionista ever, I’m SO glad she was there!

My overalls are very low in stock, but I linked a few really good favorites below in the ‘shop the post’ below. There is one darker colored one that crosses in the back just like mine, and a few regular overalls that you will love! Wear them now with short sleeved tees or even just a bralette (or nothing if you want to get crazy like me) while it’s still warm out, and then adding some oxford shirts or long sleeved striped shirts for the fall! It’s possible, so stay tuned, because we are going to get use out of our favorites!

pink-overalls-white-heels-NYFW-city-peach-liketoknowitwall pink-overalls-white-heels-NYFW-city-peach-liketoknowitwallpink-overalls-white-heels-NYFW-city-peach-liketoknowitwallpink-overalls-white-heels-NYFW-city-peach-liketoknowitwallpink-overalls-white-heels-NYFW-city-peach-liketoknowitwallpink-overalls-white-heels-NYFW-city-peach-liketoknowitwallpink-overalls-white-heels-NYFW-city-peach-liketoknowitwall-openbackpink-overalls-white-heels-NYFW-city-peach-liketoknowitwallpink-overalls-white-heels-NYFW-city-peach-liketoknowitwallpink-overalls-white-heels-NYFW-city-peach-loverlygrey-baublebarpink-overalls-white-heels-NYFW-city-peach-baublebar-courtneykerrpink-overalls-white-heels-NYFW-city-peach-baublebarpink-overalls-white-heels-NYFW-city-peach-streetstylepink-overalls-white-heels-NYFW-city-peach-streetstylepink-overalls-white-heels-NYFW-city-peach-streetstylepink-overalls-white-heels-NYFW-city-peach-streetstylepink-overalls-white-heels-NYFW-city-peach-streetstylepink-overalls-white-heels-NYFW-city-peach-streetstylepink-overalls-white-heels-NYFW-city-peach-streetstylepink-overalls-white-heels-NYFW-city-peach-streetstyle

photos by: KVC Photography

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  • Reply Erica Valentin October 2, 2017 at 12:35 pm

    absolutely love these!!!!!! so daring and so feminine still!

    Erica Valentin

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