When One Of Your Goals Is To Dress Like Your Toddler

April 18, 2017

I knew long ago that I would love to dress my kids. I love creating outfits in general, and what is more fun than dressing a mini me?! Obviously I see clothes as a creative expression, so beyond a superficial outlook, it’s a form of art in my world. When I started noticing kid’s clothes, I saw how adorable they were and how fun it was going to be to create outfits with all of it. Then I discovered Janie and Jack, and I died. This was everything I wanted in children’s clothing, and quite frankly, my own… could I clone it all and make it my size? It captured my attention before my kids were born, but became a real option when I started really shopping for my babes. I am obsessed with all of it and what I love most about it is that, it doesn’t look like kiddie clothes. It’s sophisticated and stylish. There are no graphics or crazy patterns. It’s the definition of class and will always be where I go for a special occasion outfit or to grab an accent piece to make an outfit look put together. You know in this blog, I emphasize that you don’t have to spend a ton of money head to toe. It’s about certain pieces that make an outfit. The same goes for kids’ clothes if you want your kids to look on point. Get them a great pair of fitting jeans (soft and stretchy – they are kids, they do not need stiff or too tight). Invest in really good shoes, which is important for kids just as much as us. Ideally, I put mine in real leather because I know it will be the most comfortable for their feet as well as let them breathe. Get your kids one or two complete outfits a season, that will be able to be mixed and matched with tees or lower priced basics. My favorite things at Janie and Jack to carry us through a season is their sweaters (sometimes with an animal or classic pattern), jacquard sets for girls, riding pants, shoes, and accessories.

Elston’s outfit is actually one I have wanted to put my daughter in since, well, she was born. I LOVE the shorts and jacket look for little babes, it’s Chanel meets Jackie-O, and actually comfortable for her since it’s two pieces. I had a cream cable knit sweater to complete Jackson’s outfit (and go with a ton of things in his wardrobe), but for whatever reason, freaked out about wearing it this day… so we did not. His shoes are amazing and I highly recommend a slip on like this since it actually holds in his foot. He also loves his belt (so cute, kind of practical) and I fastened it just enough so if he really had to go, he can pull his pants down… which he actually does quite frequently anywhere outside.

Ok, so we can talk about my outfit now. Yes, it’s another jumpsuit, and no, I can’t stop. The only downside to this one is that it’s linen which means wrinkles forever. There is no avoiding it, no matter how much you iron and steam. It’s all fun and games until you move. I just don’t have time for linen right now in this toddler mom phase of my life right now. But it’s a beautiful jumpsuit, and a great option for a special occasion! The wide leg is going strong, so don’t be afraid to go for it. It slims out the rest of your body if you do it right, and of course, is so comfortable.

kid-spring-style-janie-jack-city-peach-mommy-and-me kid-spring-style-janie-jack-city-peach-mommy-and-me kid-spring-style-janie-jack-city-peach-mommy-and-me-anthropologie-jumpsuit kid-spring-style-janie-jack-city-peach-mommy-and-me-anthropologie-jumpsuit kid-spring-style-janie-jack-city-peach-mommy-and-me-anthropologie-jumpsuit kid-spring-style-janie-jack-city-peach-mommy-and-me-anthropologie-jumpsuit kid-spring-style-janie-jack-city-peach-mommy-and-me-anthropologie-jumpsuit janie-jack-baby-toddler-style-tweed-suit-set-city-peach janie-jack-baby-toddler-style-tweed-suit-set-city-peach anthropologie-jumpsuit-janie-jack-toddler-style-mommy-and-me-city-peach anthropologie-jumpsuit-janie-jack-toddler-style-mommy-and-me-city-peach anthropologie-jumpsuit-janie-jack-toddler-style-mommy-and-me-city-peach anthropologie-jumpsuit-janie-jack-toddler-style-mommy-and-me-city-peach janie-jack-toddler-style-sibling-city-peach janie-jack-toddler-style-siblings-hug-city-peach janie-jack-toddler-kid-fashion-style-sibling-city-peach janie-jack-toddler-style-sibling-city-peach-anthropologie-jumpsuit-mommy-memy jumpsuit | shoes, older, extremely similar here, love this one | my sunglasses | earrings c/o: Lisi Lerch | ¬†Elston’s jacket, shorts, shoes, bag, sunglasses c/o: Janie and Jack, LOVE these¬†too | Jackson’s polo, shorts, sweater, shoes, sunglasses

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