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June 16, 2016

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dress c/o: Shein | kid’s clothes c/o: Smocked Auctions – Elston’s dress (similar), Jackson’s shorts | use code PEACH10 for 10% off + free shipping (it will work on everything but pre-orders and expires 6/30)

This past week we were down in Florida for a family vacation. Traveling with 2 kids now has changed the game a little more than when it was just Jackson last year. Now we have 2 to keep occupied and worry about when making the 9 hour drive. The trip resulted in me sitting in the back seat singing songs to Elston, tons of bribery snacks, and breaking out the ipad for Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. (I’ve memorized a few episodes… not by choice)

I was telling some friends that asked about our vacation, that for a parent, vacation is just a different setting to chase your kids around in, make sure everyone sleeps, naps, is happy, referee the tantrums, play lifeguard, and basically holds everything together. (I try often to not be so helicopter-y) This trip Jackson really became comfortable in the water and by the first day, he was jumping in all by himself and making sand castles. It was wonderful to watch that and makes me excited that as kids grow, I’m sure it becomes even more fun.

I wanted to share a few of our family photos since I’m just obsessed with the kids’ outfits. With most moms that I know down here in the south, smocking and monogramming is a way of life, so I need to share my favorite company with you. Smocked Auctions has the best prices for smocked clothing. You should definitely browse their site, everything is adorable, monogramable, and classic for any type of occasion. I have a discount code PEACH10, take advantage of it! Also, if you want patriotic items, order now so they can get to you in time for Fourth of July. A few of the flag items are low in inventory because they do pre-orders for holidays/occasions. They will be having a ‘patriotic’ auction on their Facebook page tonight at 8:30pm to get the last of it out! Ordering can be done here as well as their site. SA will post on their Facebook page as well as Instagram, you put your paypal email where you want an invoice to go, then pay. This way you can get exactly what you want while quantities are high.

In the midst of all the chaos of traveling with a toddler and a baby, we did have a good time and really enjoyed watching Jackson have the time of his life. We’ll be back for you Florida… a little older, wilder I’m sure, more seasoned as a parent, and with a new set of outfits.

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