Pink and Grey

January 21, 2015

gray gap jeans gray gap jeans gray gap jeans gray gap jeans Piedmontpark shoot 560 gray gap jeans gray gap jeanssweater: F21 | jeans: Gap | necklace: H&M, similar here, this is so cute | clutch: Clare V. | pumps: Steve Madden

I guess I’m really into this sweater color but what girly girl isn’t?! It’s soft, actually warm and really cute at times. Other times it can look frumpy, but I feel like no matter what, it’s a great pop of color. J.Crew had this exact one years ago and I loved it, so I went and found it at Forever 21, a super cheap way of going through this hot pink phase. Also I’m obsessed with this jean color but these are not very stretchy and I was having a hard time getting the ankle over my foot, so I cut them and decided I was going to have an edgy look with them. I’ve been seeing this a lot, and some stores even selling a pant with no bottom seam, so DIY. Also, distressed denim is in more than ever and you don’t have to be a tween or pretend it’s 1996 to wear it and it look relevant.

A lot has been going on in our lives and I struggle with keeping the blog strictly style, or having a glimpse into our real life. The blog is 100% in my mind at all times because it’s my passion, but can only sometimes make an appearance in only a percentage of our every day life. It’s going to take work to grow this little blog, and can hopefully inspire people, branch out into a career or just continue to be my escape. I’m in a stage of life right now that is ever changing and exciting, everything I had always wanted and been deathly afraid would not happen (unnecessary worrying).  So in trying to be a good wife and mommy, I have one more thing on my checklist… my fashion world goals. It’s easy to compare my self to others and get discouraged by the really successful bloggers and where I’m at, and wanting to be at their stage. Or get caught up in the Instagram game that it becomes exhausting. But that is getting ahead of myself, and need to remember, this beginning and growth, meeting like-minded girls along the way, all of that is part of the whole journey. Why am I in this in the first place… well, because I love it. I love getting dressed for the day, putting things together and being creative with it. I definitely love when someone will tell me they had one of my ideas in mind or that they felt better in something I suggested. Thank you for being here and reading, I will continue to grow this blog, my style, and my outlook on all of it.

Here are a couple of things we have been up to lately, and some big news!

1. Jackson is eating cheerios! (this is a big deal for us after a lot of me being scared of throw up, Jackson gagging)

2. Trying not to feel like a failure because our baby does not sleep, we are continuing the sleep training.

3. Some upcoming collaborations and styling opportunities in the works!

4. Jackson’s 1 year!

5. We bought a house! It’s currently being built, we are looking forward to June!





xo, Mireille

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