Pumpkin Patch with Gymboree

October 23, 2017

Last week I took the kids to Kinsey Farm as a day to spend together and pick some pumpkins. We had a lazy morning around the house, and took even longer to get in the car as we usually do. Kinsey Farm is about 45 minutes North of Atlanta and so gorgeous. It’s one of my favorite farms because pretty much the entire backdrop is the Christmas trees growing on their property. They have animals you can feed, pumpkins and hay, and a hayride. I took the kids on the hayride which they had been asking about and love hayrides in general! During the hayride, they stop at their pond filled with (extremely large and a little scary looking) catfish. They give every child a tiny box of food so they can feed the fish themselves, and it was a hit with Jackson and Elston!

I dressed them in their cute Fall Gymboree outfits perfect for a chilly morning. I’ve partnered with Gymboree before and it’s because I love their clothes. They have the thickest cotton and last through many seasons. In this blog post, Jackson still wears most of that outfit, just not the pants since he has since grown out of them. Elston’s baby onesies that I used to get from Gymboree were always so soft, which they are known for using the softest, purest cotton. They do have a few graphic styled clothes, which I am a more minimalist and like more plain outfits for the kids, but they have all styles, so it’s good for everyone. I’m sure as kids get older they will like characters and words on their clothes, so they do offer that. For now, since I’m still in control of choosing their clothes, I want to go with simpler and fashion forward. Jackson’s striped top has the prettiest colors in it, and his corduroy pants are lined with a cotton lining. Every year, Gymboree does the cutest fall and Halloween dresses for girls, and this one Elston is wearing is this year’s style. They do every holiday really well and are really festive. My absolute favorite thing about this brand is their pajamas. They are the thickest out there and my favorite for the kids. I usually get a few different sets for them every Fall season, and they were them the entire year. I go a size up as well, so both kids are still wearing last year’s comfortably, and this year I will get a size larger than that. If you haven’t tried Gymboree, start with their pajamas! I also highly recommend their newborn outfits, since that thick soft cotton is the best for a new babe. I’m hoping it gets cold this winter, so we can wear their coats, because they are so cute and so warm… but I’m still waiting on that weather to get chilly so we can layer and snuggle into softness!

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