Riding in Style with Nuna

January 21, 2016

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sweater, old Gap | vest | jeans, old AnF | boots, heel version | diaper bag c/o Barrington Gifts | stroller c/o Nuna

As part of my ‘preparing for baby’ week, I want to highlight a few things I am loving. Being a second time around mom this time, I know what works and what doesn’t, and I have my go-to products that I am loyal to. Nuna is definitely keeping me chic, but another important thing I love about this stroller is that I can fold it in one full swoop and it will collapse down. It turns on a dime and is really great when navigating stores. It can face both ways and luckily┬áhave had to put the back down, very slowly, so Jackson could hopefully sleep through some errands. Since it goes down easily and zips forward, that was no problem… so now if it could come with a child that actually sleeps, that would probably be a different story… and glorious. Jackson is a great size that sits comfortably (up to 50 pounds), but it’s really going to be for the new baby once we start to get out and about.


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