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Let’s Go To The Mall!

July 27, 2017

Back to School, Back to the mall… Simon Mall that is, and in this case, Town Center at Cobb. Any fellow East Cobb babies out there that grew up in this mall? I have memories of my parents bringing me … Read more

The Art Of Stripes And Florals… Together

June 15, 2017

Not that I’m claiming that I founded this trend, but I discovered the beauty of stripes with floral long ago. Or rather, just the concept of pattern mixing in general and I truly cannot get enough of it. At this … Read more

The Jumpsuit Of My Dreams

April 21, 2017

Ok, so if I were to dream up an outfit (which usually happens, and then I can’t find it), it would include some kind of suspenders or a jumpsuit, and be completely comfortable. Well guess what? Anthropologie was listening to … Read more

Do You Have This Sleeve Detail In Your Closet?

March 2, 2017

Detailed sleeves are where it’s at right now. Anything from ruffles, bell sleeve, cut outs, to accordion, find your favorite and rock them. We will be going to shorter and less complicated style once the hot summer months get here, … Read more

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