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November 2, 2017

When it comes to planning my nights out outfits, I plan every layer, down to undergarments. And after two babies and many changes to my body, I can’t just wear anything, so even this takes planning and styling! I had to completely re-evaluate my bras and underwear AND get all new sizes. But I also can’t just take either style or comfort, I need to have both. This is where b.tempt’d comes in. I am no longer the size that I was before babies, while pregnant, or while nursing (all different). That’s right, I’m onto a 4th sizing now, post baby! For starters, I generally find it harder to wear sets because I am completely different size on the top than I am on the bottom. Now that I’m done nursing I’m back to my A cup, and even smaller, so that calls for a bra that’s going to fit me. For the most part, I like to wear bralettes because they are comfortable and thank goodness they are in! I found b.tempt’d and they help complete my outfits in a fashion conscious way, as opposed to just being frumpy. I already wore frumpy nursing bras for 3 years, time to graduate and get back to sophisticated! I’m obsessed with this Spectator front-close wire-free bralette because of the back mainly, but it is literally so comfortable! The matching thong is here, because you definitely need matching… at least a few pairs (because we know there a ton that aren’t!). I would wear this one on night’s out with my mom friends when we go to dinner and actually get to eat food while it’s hot and have much needed girl time.

For the dressier girl’s night occasion like holiday parties or late night dinners, I want an actual shape in my bra. For a better shape, I chose this nude b.tempt’d push up bra. And not exactly for the push-up, but more for the silhouette that it creates under things. I wanted something that would shape well over thin turtlenecks or dresses this winter. When it comes to bulky sweaters, plaids, etc., the bralette with no shape or padding is just perfect, but for a dressier or more revealing look, I need to add some structure. I love a good nude because I wear a lot of white, even in the winter and even on girl’s nights out. And I’m obsessed with the inside leopard print that adds an extra pizzaz to a go-to comfort bra. I’m showing you this bra with a color palette option that is one of my favorites for winter and I hope to inspire you to try the same, as well as match with underwear. I am always looking to complete any outfit that I wear out, with a great feeling undergarment because it’s all about the entire look.

When I matched the thongs to go with each bra, I went with a larger size. I had to re-evaluate my underwear as well after babies. Here’s why: before kids it wasn’t exactly about comfort, more about cute and I wore a much smaller size that isn’t even remotely comfortable now. Now that I’m a completely a new size, somewhere in between comfort and sophistication, my b.tempt’d thongs are just that now. As I get dressed for either the casual girls’ day date or dinner, or a dressier holiday party, I’m always thinking about the first layer. b.tempt’d is making it able to be comfortable as well as just as stylish as my going out outfits.

Sponsored by b.temp’d, all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting brands that allow City Peach to run full-time.

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