The Best Sleeping Bed For Your Little One

March 28, 2016

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I am legitimately obsessed with this product, it has worked it’s way into our everyday lives. The Swedish designed DockATot bed seems like a simple invention, but has truly aided our sleeping situation. Newborns and babies love to feel enclosed and this allows them to feel the perfect amount. I say this because as I am learning about my new little one, she is much different from Jackson. He needed to be swaddled and upright. Elston actually doesn’t like to be swaddled, but likes to be a little padded, and this bed is so perfect for her. You have to read about the company’s mission here, and the multi-functions, here.

A brief run down on the functions it can provide are: comforting to the head, portability (I bring this everywhere with us, so we can nap, play, sleep over at Grandparents, and do tummy time anywhere), helps keep their arms snug through the startle reflex, crib transition, provides breathable material where they won’t sweat, and has a washable cover.

I have added this to my list of must-have baby products for new moms as well as my friends that are looking for products that are quality and worth using. There are two sizes, so you can graduate to the next size once your child is big enough. Right now Elston sleeps in the DockATot next to me in bed because at 2 months, I feel it’s still important for her to be close to me. It’s perfect though because I can move and sleep and not interrupt her or worry about her rolling, etc. Sometimes she will sleep in the Dock in the bassinet next to the bed, and she naps in it in her crib. I literally bring it everywhere. Eventually when she goes into her crib, she will start out in the DockATot in there, a perfect way to transition where she will feel comfortable and at home; not too much of a shock. Jackson hangs out on the plushy sides and I don’t have to worry about him hurting or rolling on her either. I have been using this for 2 weeks now, and she has been sleeping longer and longer at night, which I hope lasts. I’m a little scarred considering Jackson still doesn’t sleep through the night. Anyway, I know I’m going on about this, 1. I’m permanently delirious and 2. I really love the product and can see Elston loves it too. It’s definitely worth checking out and trying for any mom!

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