The Lash Game

July 19, 2017

Lash extensions are the greatest thing ever and I really need them to find a way to be permanent forever. But until then, I found a place in town (aka ITP for you Atlanta people) that does them great, and is reasonably priced! The Lash Lounge is in Sandy Springs and a branch of the main one out of Texas. They are running an introductory special of $89 for a full set! This is a great deal to try this out if you have been interested or on the fence! I loved the atmosphere because it wasn’t stuffy or snooty, it felt very relaxing yet still professional. I could relax right away and listened to the music over the speakers. There are a few things I make sure a lash place does or has, when looking to invest in getting them done. You want to make sure that they don’t charge by the hour or fullness, just a set rate of exactly what you are looking to do (partial, full). I make sure they have the ‘minkys’ brand because I like how thick those are and know they are quality as well. I also like to know about the person applying mine, and how long they’ve been doing it, because it’s a tedious job but also very specific to get it right. You want to make sure the place is clean because hello, they are dealing with your eyes! I’ve honestly seen other salons that are just dirty and if that is visible, then who knows what else there is that you can’t see. The last thing is that I like the dramatic look with lash extensions and to have them super long. Not everyone likes it this way, but as a blogger I need them to actually show up in photos, and the more voluminous the better. One thing I will say about The Lash Lounge lashes is that they look very natural. Tiffany did mine and she was very meticulous and made sure every lash was done! Cathy is the owner and you can tell she definitely runs her business well. They were a pleasure to go to, and if you are in town, worth checking out!

A few questions I always get asked about my lashes, answered:

Q:Do lash extensions go on every lash of your own?

A: Yes, for the most part. They will put them on every strong lash, 1 to 1, and sometimes a fan which is like 2 on 1. 

Q: How do they fall out:

A: A couple of different ways I have noticed. Sometimes I see my tiny lash attached, which just means my life cycle of that lash is done and it was time. OR it could have been too heavy (which is why a lot of places don’t like to use the thick ones) and I noticed that because my lash will be a little bent and just look distressed. Sometimes a lash will come off because it wasn’t on there all the way or didn’t have enough glue.

I’ve also noticed that with me personally, since I have really oily skin (like abnormally oily, even my eyelids for goodness sake), they fall out more (and faster) in the summer than in the winter.

Q: Do they damage your lashes?

A: Some people swear they do not, and I wouldn’t say they damage them, because they do grow back to normal again. But after a set, I do notice that my lashes are SUPER short. There aren’t bald spots at all, so I know they aren’t damaged, it just seems like new ones need to grow out more. I know they go back to normal because after a set in the winter, I took about a 2 month break, and they did grow back out. 

The bottom line about lash extensions is that they are totally worth it, and I love having them. It’s so nice to not have that to worry about when getting ready, and they always look so good, even from far away!

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