The Nursery Reveal

February 9, 2016

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tutu: gift | mammaroo c/o 4Moms | gold dotted basket: Homegoods | bonnet c/o Briar Handmade | socks: Old Navy | onesie c/o Goumikids (this has become my absolute favorite onesie, it’s so soft and the bottom folds up! I will get a pic of E in it soon) | floral robe c/o Pink Blush Maternity | baby wrap c/o Moby (so comfortable, posts with E in it to come) | mobile: handmade DIY | wool poms: Sheep Farm Felt

I am so excited to blog our baby girl’s nursery! I definitely worked on it during the long last couple months of pregnancy. I wanted to make it girly for sure, but classic so that she will grow into it, and we can add to it as she gets older. Most of the gallery wall is homemade by me, and a lot of the little details were carefully picked. I found some really great items off Etsy, and I threw in some of my favorite baby products.

So this post was supposed to go live the day we had our babe! It’s been a very busy 2 weeks and we are trying to get used to our new normal of 2 kids. That normal is Jackson doing headstand flips (where in the world did he learn how to do this, I have no idea!), and us holding our breath hoping Elston does not have colic. We are scarred from our 3 month colic stint with Jackson and pretty much haven’t slept since. I will start back with some outfit posts in a few weeks, thanks for following along and stopping by the blog!



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