Velvet Bomber And A Go-To Mini Me Outfit

November 21, 2016

velvet-bomber-jacket-leather-leggings-city-peachvelvet-bomber-jacket-leather-leggings-kid-style-city-peach velvet-bomber-jacket-leather-leggings-city-peach-mommy-and-baby-matching-outfits velvet-bomber-jacket-leather-leggings-city-peach freshly-picked-magenta-baby-moccasins-city-peach freshly-picked-magenta-baby-moccasins-kid-style freshly-picked-magenta-baby-moccasins-kid-style freshly-picked-magenta-baby-moccasins-kid-style

velvet bomber jacket c/o: Shein | leather leggings | boots, consignment find | tee | Elston’s moccs c/o: Freshly PickedĀ 

This outfit is a cool and casual one that you can wear anywhere. The bomber jacket is everywhere right now, and what better material to have it in than velvet! I have seen a few bomber jackets here and there lately, and I was just telling someone the other day that they shouldn’t pay a lot for it. This one is $28, and even Target has been more expensive for these lately. This edgy look will be for when it starts to get really freezing, and you just want to be comfortable and warm, but not sacrifice your chic-ness. Seriously, it’s going to happen and you are going to want to not look frumpy. Leather leggings are always a good choice, especially in winter, and these are lined and so soft.

I love matching Elston but not in a matchy matchy way. I decided a little black and white was so baby chic, and adding the color of the moment, wine, topped it off. I am so excited she is big enough to wear her baby moccasins, which I am obsessed with. I have gotten her a few off of Etsy before, and I am here to vouch that literally nothing is like Freshly Picked Moccasins. They are the softest leather I’ve ever felt (think butter), and fit on her feet so soft and easily. You are definitely getting quality in material and the way they are made, they last and don’t unravel or smudge. I got Elston a few size 3’s and she should be able to wear them into the spring. She has a little room to grow, and the leather will form to her foot to create even more comfort as she starts walking. Because she will be able to wear them for a little while, the price tag is worth it. You know I will find the best deals out there and always find an alternative if I think something is overpriced. But I will also always tell you when something is worth the money or splurge (I’m looking at you vintage Chanel bag), and most of the time, I will highly encourage this with shoes. Real leather and well made shoes will last you more than just one season, and will always be more comfortable than synthetic materials. You know we don’t need any justifications to buy shoes and bags, but just in case you need some reassurance that it’s a smart business decision, there ya go!


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