Velvet Duster

November 7, 2017

The long duster is back! When I saw this velvet duster, I was immediately obsessed with it! The price range is a little high, but it’s one of those items that you can wear over and over so that you get your wear percentage and eventually it’s free! Yay, that’s right out of the rulebook in ‘girl math’. It’s lined in an amazing silky material and thick enough to keep you warm in the cold weather. If this velvet duster statement piece is something you are interested in, it’s worth it for sure, and it also comes in a wine color. It’s gorgeous but didn’t want to risk looking like Hugh Hefner, so I opted for the marigold color. My jeans are the statement jeans from H&M that fit like a glove. The style is the on-trend ‘mom jean’ so if you are looking to try it out, these are the perfect ones to do it with. I love the ribbon that goes down the leg, making it fun and a little elevated. My clutch is something I say every time I style it and show you: this is the clutch to have! It’s one of my absolute favorite staple pieces and has proven to be for 4 years now. I love it, it’s well-made, and will always be in! If you are on the fence about that, it’s worth it! I am also going to link my favorite every day pocket tees below since those are also the perfect staple and the ones I recommend the most. Have a great night!

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