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December 8, 2015




This is precisely why I get nothing done on a normal basis

And that is just a normal Jackson, bouncing off the walls… or bed
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I wanted to do this post because I get asked frequently about what I do, and what exactly a ‘Wardrobe Edit’ is. Most people have a completely different vision before I explain it, and think it’s not something they might need or want or be intimidated by it, but could be so beneficial and fun! Obviously it’s not for everyone, but let me clarify it a little more, and it could be something you benefit from, or know someone that would be a perfect client, and need a little help along their wardrobe journey.

The Edit I’m sharing is one of my best friends’, Stephanie. First off, she is a recent Beach Body coach, and has worked extremely hard at perfecting her diet and exercise, and has lost over 30 pounds in a matter of months! She is like me, in that she doesn’t love exercising, and has a sweet tooth… but she makes clean eating look fun, and the exercising part (only 30 min a day, I could maybe do that) effortless! I had her come over with a few things that she wants to get more use out of, and to borrow most of my wardrobe temporarily while I hurry up and have this baby,¬†get back to pre-baby weight. There was no reason for my clothes to just sit there for months, so I created and styled her clothes and incorporated as much as I could from my own closet.

In a typical Wardrobe Edit, I come to your closet. We go through anything you want to get rid of, or need some coaching on what you should get rid of. I have you pick out your favorite items, items you want to get more use out of but not sure how to style them, and I also pick out some of my favorites. I incorporate everything you have from jewelry to belts to bags and then style as many outfits as I can. So far with even the smallest closets, my record has been over 45 outfits. I take flat-lay pictures of each so that you are able to reference at your leisure, or while needing to get dressed in 5 minutes. We then make a checklist of items you need to complete a look you might want, something on-trend you want to try, investment items, etc… I have a list of suggestions for you. You take the checklist as well as myself, and I email you links to options where you can purchase them, or a couple different suggestions of things to try.

From there, you have the option to shop around yourself, or we can also book a personal shopping trip. This is where I do the work for you, all you have to do is show up (or not, I can also do it all for you). We would have a mapped out session and shop for everything on a checklist that you want or need, and make sure we have perfect fits. It’s a lot better than wandering around, and you get someone to literally just hand you things!

There is also the option of a virtual Edit, which I have done for a few people recently for their holiday card outfits. We can basically do everything over email or skype!

I hope this gives you a better understanding of an Edit, and that it’s really not something that is out of reach or price range and could be exactly what you need! Here are the services we offer, and here is where you can find my bio, along with the other amazing ladies! I’ve pretty much been doing this for years for my friends, for free haha, and am so grateful that I can now call this my profession! Send me a shout if you want to hear/learn more, or might know someone, I would absolutely love it!


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