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September 7, 2016

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I have written about styling before (my last post covering a girl friend’s Edit found here) and like to give a few refreshers here on the blog in case you or someone you know would benefit from a session. Styling is my favorite thing and I’ve been doing it my entire life before actually doing it professionally. I love the idea of putting things together to create all different kinds of looks, whether it’s thinking outside of the box and going for something different, or learning a client’s preferred style and giving them a palate to work with. I LOVE styling an outfit that is a little out of their thought process (not quite comfort zone if they are up for trying something new) and they get so excited telling me that they would never have thought of that, or paired those clothes together. That makes it so rewarding, because it’s their clothes already, they don’t have to stress at the moment about buying new.

A normal closet Edit entails me going to the client’s closet and going through it with them. I ask them beforehand to do a few things to prep before I get there. This is in addition to a questionnaire they fill out prior to help me get to know them and their style a little bit better. They should then choose items they definitely want to get rid of, set aside items they love and want to get more use out of, and show me items they don’t know how to style but want to. This helps make our time more efficient. Once I’m there, I go through myself and pick out things that I consider staples to pair with what they have chosen, or pick out my favorites within their closet. We pull everything from clothes, scarves, jewelry, and shoes. I then get to work! With everything laid out, I put together outfits based on the upcoming season, and make notes. I have everything in a flat lay, and will sub certain things if I want to give them additional options. With each layout I snap a photo that I email to them once I leave. In this email they will find their outfits, any notes about them, subbing info (fit, location to wear it, etc), and recommendations for things like closet staples they need. I send them links of everything I suggest, so they can easily find and purchase if and when they want to. I make sure to talk about their budget and what they are looking to spend, and then give pricepoint options. I am all about investing in certain items and cutting costs on others, so I will certainly tell a client what I think is best to find something. Also, I am familiar with most brands and the fit, so I can get into that when at the edit or with my suggestions later once knowing what the client likes or their body type.

An Edit is typically 2-3 hours, and my record so far is 53 outfits on a moderately sized closet! We tell you to expect around 25, but I like to make sure I can get the most out of their clothing. I did a few closet edits while 9 months pregnant and was completely out of breath the entire time, I really think those ladies thought I was crazy. I probably looked like a madwoman… but I love every minute of it. I can also do virtual closet edits or personal shopping where I discuss with the client their style and what they are looking for. From there, I scour sites and put together outfits, while emailing the client links and notes on how to style everything. We can do this before they shop, but I also like putting together the outfits after they have shopped, so I know exactly what they have.

The pictures above were taken in my blogger friend Allie’s closet. We focused on mainly fall looks and will probably have another session to prep for colder months. Go follow her blog at Peachfully Chic!

You can find me and more of the Edit info at EditbyLauren.com, and read my bio here.


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