Tis the Apple Picking Season!

October 18, 2017

It’s finally Fall! And what’s even better, is that it’s finally Fall weather in Georgia! I wait ALL year for this. And by that I mean, as soon as that first Spring bloom or hot morning comes in April, I start counting down the days until Fall. Sadly, I make everyone endure ‘summer Mireille’ who is cranky and seasonally depressed. In reference to last week’s post, yes, I do need to move up North. For now, I will figure out some way to hibernate as best I can during the summer months while I’m here in Georgia. But now is my time to shine! I literally wake up energized every morning now that the air is crisp. And that’s actually saying a lot considering our kids still aren’t the best sleepers, and someone always ends up in our bed at 4AM, only to knee me awake at around 6:45am.

So just like every #basic Fall loving, pumpkin spice drinking (actually psa, it’s too sweet, get HALF the sweetener if any), plaid wearing person, I got with some girl friends and went apple picking and shot photos doing it. This lovely little trip was put together by my girl Allie with Peachfully Chic. She’s the best planner and shoots amazing spreads of anything really. Sarah Lampley joined us (who is the cutest mom of 3 boys, check out her site here, it’s gorgous!) with our fave photog Allie from Viva Lux Photography. Allie roped in LL Bean to provide these AMAZING plaids and sweaters, and it all came together. I am obsessed with their plaids right now, they are SO soft and the most affordable plaids that I have found at the moment. We went to a real apple orchard… like one that is an actual working orchard that provides the apples for Urbantree Cidery in west Midtown.┬áThe 15 acre orchard is so beautiful in it’s natural environment with no lines of people or commercialization of the season. This also means, quite a few bugs. But I braved the wilderness for the cutest pictures because that’s what life is all about right?!?!

If you follow me on my IG stories, you will know that this little trip was a bit of a fiasco getting there. It was 2 hours away from our house, and I didn’t realize that when planning. So originally I had asked for the afternoon away and Robert would watch the kids for a few hours. When I mapped it, I didn’t quite realize those few hours would actually be like 6-8, and into the night. Right now our lives are just easier when we tag team the kids, because solo it’s exhausting. We are playing man to man because otherwise it’s pure survival that leaves you recovering for days. So I asked Robert if he would be up for a family adventure and road trip. Thank goodness he was, which he usually is, but I’m not entirely convinced it wasn’t just for the trade of 8 crazy hours with the kids alone. Either way, thank goodness for him, and we had a fun little family adventure. Until the ride home where Elston decided to throw up everywhere. I’m slowly having to accept that I have a child that is ‘just a puker’, in the words of our pediatrician. Um what did I do to deserve this fate? Anway, I’m sure you will hear more on that at another time. We made a pit stop at a Kroger to clean up and get the kids saltines and pedialyte. It was 8:30pm and we were starving, so we drove all the way to the Avalon by 9:45pm to get a pizza to go… just in time b/c they closed right at 10pm. We ate our favorite pizza on the way home in the dark as we listened to peppa pig playing in the back for the kids. This is real life, and we do love it. Minus the throw up part.

So that’s the little background story, and you can shop my outfit below. My plaid is the Scotch plaid shirt, relaxed style and I’m wearing an XS (they run big). I love this color and it’s perfect for holiday time! My pullover is nostalgic to me as it was my first plaid when I was around 17, only updated. If you look closely, it’s a heathered ivory, and so soft inside. I’m wearing a small because I wanted to be able to wear shirts under it. This colorblock cotton fisherman sweater is one that I am literally obsessed with, and everyone needs to have it this Fall! One more thing to note: I have wanted a red jeep wrangler most of my life, I would say it’s my dream car (play car). Think of it like my very own powerwheels for mommy. This girl who used to drive me home from play practice my freshman year of high school had one and I thought she and the car were the coolest thing ever. Ever since, I wanted one. So shooting in Allie’s was so fun and I’ll be posting these pics probably forever!

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