Anthropologie Sale Time!

January 16, 2015


1. Blanket Cardi

2. Booties

3. wedges

4. ruffled silk top

5. Maxi dress

6. AG Stevie Ankle Chords

7. Pattern Coat

8. hooded vest

9. feathered leopard cardi

10. floral dress

11. floral top

12. jacket

13. ballerina top

14. tulip pant

Oh Anthropologie, I love you so much. For me, Anthro is not just a store, but a place of refuge. (and former place of employment) So before and after my time working there, I like to just go and browse, smell the candles, be inspired, and occasionally buy something unique. While working there it was a different story, and that story was called ‘everything I want is 60% off so let’s hoard my sizes and buy everything amazing’. Since this is not the case anymore and very depressing, that is why I jump at the times of year they have great percentages off on their sale. This is your chance to get one of a kind beautiful pieces for really reasonable prices! And I guarantee you it’s worth every penny b/c you will be wearing them for years to come.

I went through and picked out some of my favorite items (everything is a great deal), but I urge you to check out their website and/or go in person to find something that makes you feel pretty and happy! There are a couple other items that were amazing, but I do not see them online so I couldn’t get a picture. And since I went on my lunch break today and frolicked around Perimeter, I did not have my camera (and prob would’ve looked creepy if I did).

Have a great weekend!

xo, Mireille

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