Kid Style: One Big Happy

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outfits c/o: Gymboree | Elston’s outfit can be found here | Jackson’s outfit can be found here

We have partnered with Gymboree and their One Big Happy Hello campaign to talk about first moments with our babe! As a second time parent, I got to compare for the arrival of our baby girl way more than I prepared for Jackson. Which normally it’s the other way around, but as you know, our story goes a little differently, and Jackson was a little surprise… but the best one of our lives! Part of my preparation for having two babies was more mental this time rather than actual things. We already had everything we needed except for all the pink that I plan on infiltrating our house with for the next 18 years… I’m kidding… kind of. So as far as clothes, I love being able to dress them in cute but quality outfits, and Gymboree is one of the softest brands that I truly love. I prefer to put my kids in 100% cotton, so they have that covered for sure, and you can find so many adorable styles. Elston is wearing part of their newborn collection, which has really soft and thick options to choose from. I LOVE her little socks, and as you probably know, little animal faces are all the rage in babyland. I love that they plan the styles so that you can incorporate a few items for more outfits, as opposed to just one pattern only going with one other thing. They also make sure their clothes can grow with baby, like cuffs that can be rolled then unrolled. Jackson is so obsessed with his bear sweater, he keeps saying ‘Roar’! His little bear socks did not last as long since he’s in a new phase where he likes to go barefoot anywhere (I hope this doesn’t last long).

As far as mentally preparing for our new addition, it really involved making sure each one had enough time with me, and planning out how I can do that. That is challenging when they are so little and each need me for completely different reasons and in different ways. I can’t do the same activity with them both together all the time like I will be able to in a few years. Now as Jackson is getting older, he is really growing into his role as the big brother and it’s amazing to watch. I still have to referee but there are more and more sweet moments between them. Today marked a big one and a first for our family. The weather is finally cool and breezy out so this mommy isn’t irritable is ecstatic to be outside with the babes and we had our first little picnic today! Elston is old enough to now eat a few table foods, and they both share a love for avocado (too messy for a picnic, or in my opinion for anyone under 4) and puffs. So today, under a breezy grand oak tree, I watched them share a snack of Puffs and a few laughs that I was not in on and just could watch with admiration as an outsider. It was one of the greatest moments that makes me so excited for what is to come as a parent, and the beginning of a sibling relationship.

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This post was in collaboration with Gymboree. Gymboree provided the outfits in this post, all selections and opinions are my own. 


Dressing For Fall Part 4: The Transition

plaid-cable-sweater-with-denim-shorts plaid-cable-sweater-with-denim-shorts plaid-cable-sweater-with-denim-shorts img_9367plaid-cable-sweater-with-denim-shorts city-peach-plaid-cable-sweater-with-denim-shorts plaid-cable-sweater-with-denim-shorts city-peach-mireille-beckwith plaid-cable-sweater-with-denim-shortssweater: J. Crew Factory| gingham plaidJ. Crew Factory | shorts: American Eagle Outfitters | shoes: Off 5th, I couldn’t find the exact ones online but there are plenty in store | bracelet

As I wrap my final post in partnership with North Georgia Premium Outlets, I wanted to create another outfit that can be worn right now, and have most of the items able to be mixed and matched through the cold season. Everyone needs a plaid or gingham top, and the color grey is perfect because I will also wear this with dark boots, black faux leather leggings, and can be worn with grey, black, or brown accessories. I am also obsessed with this olive color and a cable sweater is a must-have staple item that you can wear over or under so many things. This sweater will look great with a high waist skirt or over a long tunic. I chose a dressy/casual sneaker since the Vans style slip ons are all the rage right now. This one can be worn with jeans, skirts, dress pants, AND they were $30!!!!

There is a little handsome is making an appearance because I couldn’t resist the cutest outfit for a toddler boy. The outlets have a Polo store for kids and it’s one of my favorite places to get clothes for Jackson. The prices are so much better for this brand than department stores and I find the items I can’t really find anywhere else. This is where I love to get him the little polo short sleeve and long sleeve tee shirts, and they have every color. Since toddlers grow out of clothes so fast, it’s definitely not worth paying a ton or full price.

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on Jackson: vest and pants: Gap Factory | gingham top and hat: Polo kids Factory Outlet


Dressing For Fall Part 3: The White Oxford Shirt

white-oxford-buttonup-fall-preppy-outfitwhite-oxford-buttonup-fall-preppy-outfit-city-peach white-oxford-buttonup-fall-preppy-outfit white-oxford-buttonup-fall-preppy-outfit white-oxford-buttonup-fall-preppy-outfit-city-peach white-oxford-buttonup-fall-preppy-outfit-city-peach

oxford: J. Crew Factory | sweater: American Eagle Outfitters outlet | belt, Gap Factory, mine isn’t online, similar here | necklace | watch | shoes | clutch

A white oxford button down is something you always want to have on hand. It goes with any season, and with fall, I like to use it for layering. The white oxford will always make you look put together, so you want to make sure it’s the right fit for you. I am showing it tucked in for a cleaner look, and then belted with this must-have cardigan for something a little more stylish. One thing to note, is to make sure that it is long enough. I know a lot of brands that make them really short, which is more for tucking into suits and a little outdated. You want to find one that hits at the right place so that you can move around and it won’t ride up, but also won’t be too bulky if you tuck it in.

I think belting a sweater or scarf has become my signature thing, because now that we can layer, I can’t get enough of it. Any opportunity I can do it, I will, and I probably need an intervention. I pulled this cardigan back out, because it’s so classic and lightweight, it can be used as an outer layer for any outfit. With the white oxford, it’s creating a little bit more of a casual look as opposed to if you wore a blazer. This is one of my favorite classic outfits and can be an easy go-to if you are stumped in your closet. Each piece you can find at an affordable price. I really like J. Crew Factory for any kind of button down shirts. I have linked the one that is a perfect length and something to note, is that they have a stretchy shorter version there too, which is what I was talking about for suits, etc.

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I hope everyone has a great Friday!