Mommy Monday With ‘Well Kept’

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It’s Mommy Monday, which means I have teamed up with the 4 other awesome bloggers for a blog post about something we love/use/discovered. This month we are highlighting something that is imperative for your phone, but a necessity that sometimes gets overlooked. Everyone should be cleaning their phone daily, and what’s easier than having a cute pack of wipes to carry about with you? Statistics say that your phone is dirtier than a public restroom. Think about it, your hands that touch many other things throughout the day, touch your phone that doesn’t normally get cleaned. I’m sure you also lay it down in so many places.

As many of you know, I am obsessed with wipes and use baby wipes on everything. The reason I love Well Kept is because they have alcohol in them, so I can actually use them to kill germs in public places, and it’s easy to pull them out. They are in a cute case and small enough to stick anywhere! And speaking of phones, most people live on their phone and use it as a note taker, gps, music player in the car with screaming babies, among everything else in this world. Since most of us can’t live without it, we are talking about a few apps that we use daily:

Snapchat: to document our days for friends/readers, but a huge part of using this for me, is saving the videos to my phone as kind of a virtual diary for my kids (think modern home movies)

WhatsApp: This is for my sanity. I use this to talk in a chatroom with 12 of my college best girlfriends. We have an ongoing conversation always, and it’s been active for 10 years now!!!! – since we graduated college and are not a room away on the sorority hall anymore. Some days you talk, some days you read, some you just can’t check it but catch up later. This is my lifeline for random questions, knowing what is going on in my friends’ lives, to gossip to just overall adult interaction and an outlet for me.

Kroger Clicklist: not exactly an app, but on my Safari because how amazing is one less store to have to unbuckle screaming kids into?! (apparently from proofreading all of this, we scream a lot) You can order what you want from the grocery store and they bring it out to your car for you!!! This is the greatest invention of all time.

Starbucks App: Because it’s easy, no card or cash to deal with, and helps rack up points to get free drinks! … and I obviously need to visit often because my kids don’t sleep and this is my treat for surviving. #basic

Pandora: I need to be able to play sing along toddler songs at the drop of a hat

Come along and visit my other mommy blogger friends for a look on their uses for Well Kept wipes, and ideas on some useful apps for the busy mom!

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The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: All Access

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If you follow any bloggers, then you have heard many times over, about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. It happens once a year and is a preview for Fall and Winter. The way Nordstrom works is they debut their Fall/Winter items on major sale, early access for cardholders (you can apply easily), and then open to the public after a certain date, then prices go back up to regular retail price. It kind of works backwards from normal retail rules, but is a great time to stock up on quality items for a fraction of the prices. I encourage people to get their staple items, and items that are important to them, that they will get a lot of use out of. I believe in investing in the right items and this sale is one of the best ways to do it.

I have highlighted my favorite items and items that are worth it. I have gone through everything, and skipped items I know you can really get better deals other places later in the season at other stores. You can find a ton of bloggers that have given great coverage during early access, but I thought I would help out those that aren’t die hard or just don’t have time to keep track (anyone with kids?), to give you an easy way to shop for the best items for this upcoming season. You know I’m going to be savvy about it!


Basic Tops:

white long sleeve tee _12569931

short sleeve v-neck _12558792

deep v, basic tee _12673933

high-low tee _12792854


Faux leather legging (getting these) _10903625

distressed denim _12556499

ankle jeans (this is my all-time favorite brand and fit, now is the time to get them at a good better price) _12893964


quilted vest _12692657

cotton blazer (perfect for work) _12679467

open cardigan _12606223

faux leather jacket


Pleated Midi _12640074


high-waisted tie pant _12581889


‘it’ bootie of the moment 

cut-out bootie 

low cut bootie 

lace-up flat (love the wine color) _12330797

lace-up pump 

low buckle bootie 

taupe over-the-knee _12636954

suede low heel bootie 

TB riding boot (if you feel like you will be purchasing this ever, now is the time to do so at this price) _12526722


backpack purse _12465638


Kendra Scott Necklace _12578600

Happy Shopping! xo



A Romper That Can Be Dressy And Casual, And The Mom Bag That You Need ASAP

IMG_3675 IMG_3677 IMG_3681 IMG_3692 IMG_3698 IMG_3700 IMG_3704romper c/o: Rosegal | wedges, older, similar here, this is summer’s ‘it’ shoe, and I love this one if you are looking for a wedge | backpack: Zara, mine is sold out online but this one is similar and a great price, and this bucket bag is on major sale | cuff c/o: Kendra Scott

This romper is perfect for a dressier occasion because the sleeves are longer, but light enough for something more casual. I am wearing a size Large because I didn’t want it to be tight and needed it to be long enough. And it’s still a little shorter than I need because I have a long torso, so keep that in mind when ordering. P.s. Rosegal is easy to shop and the prices are great, and shipping doesn’t take that long. I’ve had a few people ask me about it. Sometimes it’s hard to nail down your size since most run small, but I try to look at the material and measurements.

This backpack purse is my new baby bag for the summer. I absolutely love it. It looks chic and is sturdy enough to hold a million diapers/toys/snacks/the ridiculous amount of things I carry as a mother. I would recommend a backpack when some moms ask me for the best kind of carryall purse. I love it because I can have my hands free, and I don’t have to leave it around if I need to put everything down. I can just keep wearing it. The price was amazing, and the other one I linked is very similar make and price wise.