Rainbow Flow

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top c/o: Make Me Chic | jeans | clutch c/o GiGi New York (this style and a ton of others on sale right now 30% off) | necklace | cuff c/o: Kendra Scott | shoes, old, similar here and here

To continue with the off-the-shoulder trend (and sometimes impractical), I found one that just screams summer. I say impractical because a lot get tugged down by my kids. This one has cute ties on the end that at least help a little with that. FYI about this clutch; it’s 30% off right now, along with some really beautiful colors and styles. I love GiGi New York, the leather is amazing quality and is durable. If you are looking for a great clutch or even leather bag, want something quality, but not too expensive, I highly recommend GiGi New York. And it’s not just in collaboration of blogging with them, I have loved this brand for awhile. They also will personalize your item for you, which is a perfect touch, and you will have this chic accessory to finish off any outfit! One rule that I continually say, if you take anything away from my blogging rambling, is that I think it’s important to invest in quality shoes, bags, and jewelry. Everything else usually comes and goes, so finding a good price is important. This top is a great price for a trend that you won’t be wearing much in the winter, so at least feel good about not spending too much, but looking cute!

I hope everyone has had a great Wednesday. If you follow me on snapchat (aka: real life), you will see it’s taken me days to get out a blog post, it’s almost become humorous… through climbing, crying, bouncing kids… stuff to do, errands to run, dinners to cook, and cleaning the house. When my quiet time comes at like 11:30pm, I fall asleep sitting up. Every. Time. Oh well, welcome to early motherhood!… pass the cookies (my version of wine)


Beach Must-Haves With Kids

IMG_2283 IMG_2296 IMG_2321 IMG_2359 IMG_2429one piece suit c/o Make Me Chic | Elston’s suit | bangle c/o: Kendra Scott | beach blanket and baby bag c/o: JJ Cole

Going to the beach with kids, or going anywhere for that matter, you really need to be ‘mom proofed’. Meaning, be prepared for everything with everything, wear a one piece or a suit that cannot be pulled down (trust me), and carry a bag that can fit it all. And throw in a couple of chic clothing items so you can feel like a human… just for your own sanity.

I LOVE this suit. By now you should know that one pieces are IN! Yay, just in time for my generation to be in and out of having kids and ‘mom bod’. There are some cute ones out there and actually so practical, especially if you are chasing a toddler all day. This one I found is a perfect price and very on trend. I went up a size because I am long in the torso and needed that extra fabric, but you don’t want too much gap because the back is open, which can be very flattering. I suggest trying a one piece and one that dips in the middle a little like this one!

We hit the beach with this JJ Cole blanket which is perfect because you can basically just wipe the sand off and it won’t stay on, or get on you. I took this and laid it out all day, and it was fine even when Jackson walked all over it sandy and wet. All I had to do was wipe it quickly. I carried all our food, diapers, wipes, changes of clothes, dogs, cats, etc… you get the point, because it has so many compartments. A nylon baby bag for the pool or beach is a must because it’s going to get wet and you don’t want to have to worry about it. Most moms are familiar with JJ Cole or have seen it at baby stores,  you can get it at Babies R Us or on Amazon!

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Mommy Monday with Kendra Scott

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maxi and earrings c/o Range Boutique | clutch c/o GiGi New York | bangle c/o: Kendra Scott | shoes, older, a few options here and here (the ‘it’ shoe of the moment)

I firmly believe that every girl needs a great fitting maxi dress and a statement bangle for her summer wardrobe. This maxi dress is a great fit because it ruches in the middle and creates a waistline, which is key. I was immediately drawn to the pattern and colors, don’t be afraid to go bright in the summer! This dress is from Range Boutique in Buckhead, and if you are in the Atlanta area, stop by. They have the cutest pristine shop with brands you know as well as local designers. They also have a stylist there that will help you put together outfits for you, complete with accessories and a few different options for each piece that you might pick!

Let’s talk about this bangle. Kendra Scott is very popular among bloggers, and should be someone on your brand radar as well. The pieces are all so pretty and owning anything of hers will completely finish off an outfit. I choose this bangle because sometimes one sleek piece (as opposed to the arm party that I do love too) is all you need. I have been and will be wearing this all summer, and since it goes with everything, it’s easy to accessorize any summer outfit.

And since it’s #MommyMonday this month, I have four other bloggers who have styled one of Kendra Scott’s summer line pieces. I love these Mommy Monday posts because I am able to team up with other mommy bloggers who are so interesting and all different, but we come together in this blog world to bring readers a piece of our lives and passions. Whether it is fashion, lifestyle, travel, or motherhood, it’s so cool to see what other moms are up to across the country, and how they style things in their own way.

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