Comfy Playroom Days

play-room-nook-baby-toddler-furniture finn-and-emma-pajamas finn-and-emma-pajamas finne-and-emma-pajamas-play-room-lorena-canals play-room-nook-baby-toddler-furniture finn-and-emma-play-room-decor-nook play-room-nook-baby-toddler-furniture-lorena-canals play-room-nook-baby-toddler-furniture-lorena-canals play-room-nook-baby-toddler-furniture finn-and-emma-pajamas finn-and-emma-baby-toddler-pajamas play-room-nook-baby-toddler-target-oh-joy-wall-lamp finn-and-emma-baby-pajamas

kid’s pajamas c/o: Finn and Emma {organic cotton, non-toxic dyes), Elston’s, Jackson’s | bear rug and pillow c/o Lorena Canals | heart wall light

Today I wanted to share our playroom time with you! Sometimes my favorite days are the ones that we stay in, are not rushing anywhere, and can just play. Usually I try to get us up and out the door to do things in the morning, eat lunch, then head to the car for home. Both kids always fall asleep in the car, so I have to center it around naptime… Unless we are talking about yesterday, which the kids decided to make a no nap day. For 13 hours… no one slept. Jackson fell asleep on the way home from his school, I stopped to get gas, and since the car was stopped, Elston woke up and cried… a lot. This in turn woke Jackson up who freaked out because on this specific pump I had to continue to hold it, so I’m singing, poking my head in the car, and pumping gas. He wasn’t buying it and never went back to sleep. Then Elston’s 3:30pm nap rolls around. She takes this nap every day and as a 7 month old, needs it. If it’s done right, this sets me up for an 8:30 bedtime that is easy. Yesterday at 3:30 when I was carrying Elston up the stairs to her crib (asleep), Jackson screams. This is a common occurence. He screams when he’s happy, sad, mad… all day long. So long story long, nobody napped. Some days are hard at home because Jackson has so much energy and eventually starts climbing and hanging off things, and then I start to think going out somewhere would’ve been much easier.

Comfy home days though are a lot slower. It allows me to enjoy our house and stay in pajamas. Recently I have added two new additions to the playroom; our Nook playmat and lounger. They are so comfortable and squishy with a gel matting, beneficial for Jackson who is constantly jumping on things. Having Elson play on the playmat, gives me a piece of mind because she usually tumbles over and I need her to have a soft surface. I have also been in a disagreement with Robert and two other people about the color of the mat and lounger. I say they are hot pink, and everyone else says they are red… what do you think??


White And Blue


IMG_4248IMG_4252 IMG_4253 IMG_4256 IMG_4258 IMG_4259 IMG_4270 IMG_4272IMG_4276 IMG_4280

top | skirt c/o: Make Me Chic | shoes c/o: Rosegal | necklace

The white oxford shirt is one of the most important closet staples in my book. You can pair it with everything from business to dressy to lounge wear. Some ideas for it’s use are wearing it under sweaters in the winter for a preppy look, staying casual with jeans, adding a neck scarf for a chic french look, tucking it into anything high waisted, and then to this look I’m showing you today with the tied version. This midi skirt is so full that I wanted something simple but chic on top. I knew tucking it in could create a sloppy look since it wouldn’t stay still and end up blousing out. Tying a shirt is a trendy option now that is back, so try it! My advice for the white oxford shirt is to invest in a good fitting cotton version. Madewell and J.Crew make my favorites because their fit is just right. I try to stay away to too boxy, but really don’t prefer the ones with the darts on the back (that slim in the middle). Those just don’t fit everyone the same, but the cut is in the same place for every size. I like it a long enough to go past the top of my jeans, but not too long where it would look sloppy tucked in. I know, I sound a little crazy caring about all these details, BUT that is what is going to give you the best look for you… so just a few things to keep in mind.

I will be styling my white oxford ALL Fall and Winter (I also have a few and never seem to have enough!), so stay tuned for more ways to wear it!


Casual Tee

madewell-basic-tee-coton-colors-agenda madewell-basic-tee-coton-colors-agenda madewell-basic-tee-coton-colors-agenda madewell-basic-tee-coton-colors-agenda madewell-basic-tee-coton-colors-agenda madewell-basic-tee-coton-colors-agenda

tee | jeans, these are from Gap but then became too baggy so I found these instead and am OBSESSED | shoes c/o Oka-B | watch c/o JORD | bag c/o Hayden Reis | planner and travel mug c/o Coton Colors

Everyone needs a good basic tee that fits comfortable but looks sleek. This is my go-to after trying many for the perfect fit! I have gone back to these Madewell tees year after year. They are just the right length in the arms and at the bottom, are super soft, and aren’t too tight or too baggy. I mean geez, it takes a lot to get that ‘casual look’. So I loved these jeans at first, and then they just got too baggy. I found the most perfect pair of white jeans, linked above, and they are only $30!!!! They are seriously the greatest fit, I have yet to shoot photos in them but they will be coming to the blog very soon.

If you are one of those people like me, that are old school and like using an actual planner where you write things down, I have a really cute line for you! Look up Coton Colors, everything is really bright and upbeat, and a cool line that is fairly new. You can find it at Swoozies as well… which if you are familiar with that store, this is not a surprising but great match!

I hope you all had a great weekend!