Atlanta Moms: Let’s Get Out!

May 21, 2017

If you are an Atlanta mom, then this post is for you! Every Tuesday, the Avalon (in Alpharetta) hosts Little Acorns, an outing for both kids and moms. They have little tables from the Avalon shops/restaurants there with info tables, crafts for kids, or discount cards! Each vendor has something different for the kids to do and it’s fun to go around and check everything out with them. Jackson’s favorite part is the Dental Town ‘healthy’ suckers he gets to have as a treat and the Disney songs we can dance to. I hosted Little Acorns this month and we had so many great things going on, it was so fun! The service dogs (come out the 2nd Tuesday of every month) were adorable and the dogs were so well behaved, the kids loved petting and loving all over them. I don’t know why, but the Chikfila cow (btw HUGE new Chikfila is now at the Avalon) made me laugh and still does looking at these pictures. Because I kept snapping photos and he was just hanging out, not moving, but looking at the camera. I highlighted some amazing spring picks from Anthropologie that are perfect for the chic mom that also needs to be running after kids. It definitely got hot, but this year they have the huge covers to block sun, once the noon sun starts getting overhead. We try to go most weeks and will until the end of the summer, so come meet us out there if you are around! When the kids are over it, we go into the ‘squirrel playground’ which is what Jackson calls it, to the right of the movie theater. It’s fenced in and no one can run away, so I’m all about it! Any chance to go to Avalon (um have you tried Jeni’s icecream?!), I am all for it, especially making it easy to do so with kids.

anthropologie-spring-picks-little-acorns little-acorns-avalon-kids-activities little-acorns-avalon-kids-activities-coloring little-acorns-avalon-kids-activities-coloring-sucker little-acorns-avalon-kids-activities-beauty-and-the-beast

my FIL entertained the kids so I could host!little-acorns-avalon-kids-activities little-acorns-avalon-kids-activities little-acorns-avalon-kids-activities-chikfila-cow little-acorns-avalon-kids-activities

Jackson loves Belle, but got cold feet
little-acorns-avalon-kids-activities little-acorns-avalon-kids-activities little-acorns-avalon-kids-activities-dog-in-train little-acorns-avalon-kids-activities-mommy-and-kids little-acorns-avalon-kids-activities-louis-vuitton-backpack-mom-bag-city-peachmy top | jeans | shoes | necklace and bangle (last year, similar here) c/o: Kendra Scott

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