Dressing For Fall Part 3: The White Oxford Shirt

September 23, 2016

white-oxford-buttonup-fall-preppy-outfitwhite-oxford-buttonup-fall-preppy-outfit-city-peach white-oxford-buttonup-fall-preppy-outfit white-oxford-buttonup-fall-preppy-outfit white-oxford-buttonup-fall-preppy-outfit-city-peach white-oxford-buttonup-fall-preppy-outfit-city-peach

oxford: J. Crew Factory | sweater: American Eagle Outfitters outlet | belt, Gap Factory, mine isn’t online, similar here | necklace | watch | shoes | clutch

A white oxford button down is something you always want to have on hand. It goes with any season, and with fall, I like to use it for layering. The white oxford will always make you look put together, so you want to make sure it’s the right fit for you. I am showing it tucked in for a cleaner look, and then belted with this must-have cardigan for something a little more stylish. One thing to note, is to make sure that it is long enough. I know a lot of brands that make them really short, which is more for tucking into suits and a little outdated. You want to find one that hits at the right place so that you can move around and it won’t ride up, but also won’t be too bulky if you tuck it in.

I think belting a sweater or scarf has become my signature thing, because now that we can layer, I can’t get enough of it. Any opportunity I can do it, I will, and I probably need an intervention. I pulled this cardigan back out, because it’s so classic and lightweight, it can be used as an outer layer for any outfit. With the white oxford, it’s creating a little bit more of a casual look as opposed to if you wore a blazer. This is one of my favorite classic outfits and can be an easy go-to if you are stumped in your closet. Each piece you can find at an affordable price. I really like J. Crew Factory for any kind of button down shirts. I have linked the one that is a perfect length and something to note, is that they have a stretchy shorter version there too, which is what I was talking about for suits, etc.

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I hope everyone has a great Friday!


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