Electric Blue

October 20, 2014

floral-tweedfloral-tweedfloral-tweed floral-tweed floral-tweedfloral-tweedtop: Forever21 | pants: ZARA | blazer: Urban Outfitters (old) | shoes: Target | watch: Michael Kors

I am so obsessed with my Guardian Jewelry necklace and I have to share it with you. It is so dainty and pretty, and so special because I am reminded of Jackson every time I feel it or get a glimpse of it in the mirror. (As if I need a reminder really, he’s always on my mind). But something else cool about this is that this line is made by an old friend from high school, and I love being able to 1. connect with old friends that you share special memories with, 2. support someone’s own business and 3. 10% of proceeds go to support Alzheimer’s. Rikki Stewart was inspired to create the line by her mom who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s at an early age. You can read more of Rikki’s story and info here. I still laugh at this memory I have with Rikki from our Junior Year of High School. We had P.E. the first period of the day, as well as horrible in-style bangs. We would have to run around the track a certain amount of time for our activity for the day. Can you imagine, what a nightmare for a girly girl anyone. So as we ran, we would be holding our bangs so they wouldn’t get messed up, laughing hysterically. We would eventually hide behind a huge banner, while people passed us, just to pass the time so gym class would end. Anyway, maybe it’s more funny to me, but I look back on it so fondly. And I love how sometimes social media will re-connect you with people from long ago.

I’m also obsessed with this shirt, it’s Forever21 and just the prettiest colors! I paired it with dress pants where all the colors compliment, but it doesn’t necessarily play by the rules. The shirt is months old, but by F21 standards, that means long gone. You can probably find something very similar there you just have to dig. If you are interested in a custom made piece of jewelry, I will put you in contact with Guardian Jewelry!

floral-tweedfloral-tweed floral-tweed


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  • Joy October 20, 2014 at 11:53 am

    Mirs! I love this! The colors are great. I love the blue, flowery blouse, and the jacket. Just a great combo. Looks so stylish, but it is simple.

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