Five Style Hacks From Your Own Closet: A Glance Into My Style Class

May 4, 2017

When I was asked to speak at the Pinners Conference, I knew exactly the topic I wanted to choose. When it comes to advice for my styling clients, I have found that starting in their own closets is the least overwhelming because it deals with clothes they are already familiar with. A Closet Edit is actually one of my favorite things even over personal shopping with someone. I get to style within parameters and show people how to get creative with what they have, and then add upon that. For this conference, I was not sure of the exact kind of audience that would be attending, but knew a relatable way to speak to them about making fashion work for everyone.

I basically condensed what I go over in a closet edit in just an hour, and gave examples from my own closet. I brought along my most used and closet staples, almost proving that a ‘capsule wardrobe’ is in fact possible and could be all you need, and then mix and match from there. But since we all love clothes, and lots of them, I also talked about what to look for when shopping and how to shop for your own closet/body.

I will quickly run down the main points I went over and if you would like further details, or have it more personalized, then hire me call me and let’s plan a date for your closet!

  1. Color Blocking – put together colors that don’t necessarily go together, but would make a completely new outfit for you ie: pink and red, or yellow with navy
  2. Belting your cardigans/scarves on the outside
  3. Staple pieces for every single person and wardrobe: to name a few – white oxford shirt, nude pumps, anything leopard, the type of blazer I recommend and why
  4. Pattern mixing – I am super passionate about this because it is the most fun. I talked about how to mix stripes with florals, how to wear leopard, what is considered a neutral, and how to wear the patterns that you have in your own closet.
  5. Mixing textures – when it is ok to wear sweats with dressier tops, pairing sequins with toned down items as opposed to just a NYE thing. 

pinners-conference-anthropologie-crop-flair-jean-tie-shoulder-tank-city-peach pinners-conference-anthropologie-crop-flair-jean-tie-shoulder-tank-city-peach pinners-conference-anthropologie-crop-flair-jean-tie-shoulder-tank-city-peach

 The above was me explaining a ‘don’t’ when pattern mixingpinners-conference-anthropologie-crop-flair-jean-tie-shoulder-tank-city-peach pinners-conference-anthropologie-crop-flair-jean-tie-shoulder-tank-city-peach pinners-conference-anthropologie-crop-flair-jean-tie-shoulder-tank-city-peach pinners-conference-anthropologie-crop-flair-jean-tie-shoulder-tank-city-peachpinners-conference-anthropologie-crop-flair-jean-tie-shoulder-tank-city-peach

top | jeans are Pilco via Anthropologie and I cannot find them anywhere! – similar here | shoes c/o: JustFab 

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