Mommy Makeover: Lux Med Spa

March 27, 2017

Welcome to my Mommy Makeover series where once a month, I will be talking about things we can do to pamper ourselves as mothers. This month, we will start out with something every woman wants, and benefits from more than we all realize. I teamed up with Lux Med Spa in Atlanta to talk about relaxation options for every mom. Lux Med Spa is part of Buckhead Plastic Surgery so you do have many options in one place, if you choose to go the needles/surgery route or the non-invasive route, you are having one conversation and many options. I am big on massages because first of all, I love them and will accept them in all forms, but as a mom that kids hang on all day, this helps my body relax. I had a ‘Mommy Massage’, which can be customized to ‘new moms post c-section’ as they help massage the scar tissue if you are having issues with it. Walking into this spa was calm yet really professional. I captured most of the day on my instastories that day and loved chatting with all the girls there. My massage was incredibly relaxing and I got to choose what to focus on. I then transitioned to a facial. This is hands down the best facial I’ve ever had in my life, and I was honestly glowing for days afterwards. Denise was so easy to talk to and informative about any skin concerns, and I felt like she catered to my skin. I’ve had facials before and what I felt like was just a general facial, not specific to the client. They have been fine, but I always went back to the same skin issues (oily skin and breakouts) shortly after. This facial helped scrape off dead skin cells before we started and then was just incredibly refreshing. Nothing about it was painful. The crazy thing is, I would not have believed me if it had not experienced it myself. My skin honestly was in a better place afterwards and looked it, I could tell a difference for days! My main suggestion is to try Lux Med Spa for facials and massage (as opposed to box chain places), and not get scared off if you aren’t into surgical procedures. They are a medical spa with certified nurses and aestheticians that know skin and deal with it in all forms, which makes them better at what they do.

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Thanks for reading! I’ll have some cool Mommy Makeovers coming to this series, so I hope you will stay tuned.

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