Mommy Monday: Step Up Your Fleece Game

October 2, 2017

Today for Mommy Monday, I am introducing a brand to you that keeps fashion in the forefront and hopes to bring a different twist on fleece! Dudley Stevens is a brand made in the USA, working with recycled fleece. The founders had one goal in mind when creating their vision, and that was to ‘reimagine fleece’. Normally when it comes to fleece you would normally just think cozy and warm, maybe a little bulky and definitely not that fashionable. Dudley Stevens changes that and combines the two worlds of fashion and comfort, making fleece a little more chic! This speaks to me because I 100% do not sacrifice being hot, cold, or uncomfortable when it comes to fashion. I just work around that. For example, in the winter, you will not see me freezing my bum off for the sake of fashion… I will work around it and seek out pieces that will keep me warm but still looking stylish. This is why I will layer like crazy and find the right materials that are appropriate for the season, and with winter coming, you’re going to want to check this fleece out.

I am wearing the classic Smith Jacket in brushed fleece, and love how soft it is. The style is an asymmetrical zip, which you will find in a lot of moto jackets this season. I love that when it is zipped, it goes high on the neck. When it’s cold out, I like my chest and neck to be covered up so I am actually warm, so when a piece does that AND is so cute, it’s a win. Another favorite that they have on their site is this marigold turtleneck, that is absolutely perfect for this fall!

All the rest of my outfit details are below in the ‘shop the post’, including these amazing fishnet socks that I just cannot stop wearing. I know, I’ve gone a little crazy with the sock trend, but it’s so fun! And my tissue turtleneck is a huge winter staple for me and comes in 8 colors!

Per usual for our Mommy Monday posts, the rest of my blogger gals have styled their own pieces from Dudley Stevens, and I hope you’ll check them out!

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