Overalls! 1970 Meets 2016

November 4, 2016

img_6052 img_6055 img_6060 img_6064 img_6067 img_6070 overalls

overalls (only $30!) | white tee (one of my favs) | clutch | earrings and necklaces c/o: Kendra Scott winter collection (shorter one here, adjustable one here)

As soon as I saw these, I had to have them! I know they are a little out there but I am loving the color this season, and really love anything that is an overall. And these are from Target! If you haven’t been to Target lately, and I really think most of you have, you need to check out their clothes. They are actually killing it right now, there are so many great things there. I noticed they have a ton of great fall colors too, tons of mustard and wine tones!

If you know Jackson, you know he is not far from me at all times, and sometimes he just wants to be close or have me hold his hand. I still can’t bring myself to cut his hair because of the curls in the back.┬áHe definitely wasn’t really for a photo shoot on this day, and is in a phase where he hates having his hair brushed. So he looks a bit of a hot mess… kind of like me on most days.

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