Rocksbox, for those that have short attention spans

March 4, 2015



Do you ever look at your closet/jewelry and think you need a refresh because while you love everything, you are bored looking at it? If you could just ‘borrow’ some pretty things that catch your eye, buy it if you really want it, or return it when you feel like it was just a phase. Seriously this is my life and I could have invented Rocksbox!… but at least I found it. It can really be for anyone,  not just bloggers, although it seems to work perfectly for mixing and matching different outfits and spicing up something I already have. Or if you are not ready to splurge on that designer piece that is so ‘in’ (aka: Loren Hope and Kendra Scott), and you have a vacation or event that you just want something new to wear.

So that is the whole point of this Rocksbox thing; you fill out a questionnaire online that asks all about what you like and your style of jewelry. Then every month, you get a box of 3 pieces that reflect your taste and style. You can wear them as long as you want, or send it back and get another box of goodies. If you really love something and want to purchase it, you are able to do so at a discounted price from the regular retail price.

You can sign up here: RocksBox — and just for my readers, you get your 1st month free! use this code: citypeachxoxo

It’s something really fun to try, and you really aren’t bound to subscribe  if you don’t want to, you can get them as long as you want. And if you don’t want to anymore, then you can cancel. They do send really pretty designer jewelry that is ‘in’ right now, so it’s cool to play dress up with it too, and with spring around the corner, you can actually wear jewelry without covering it up with a million layers. I also think it’s a great platform to buy these specific brands/styles, because hey, it’s at least at a discount!

I will be incorporating my pieces into my future posts, and tell you why I love something, or why I chose to trade it in. Stay tuned! I would love to hear from you if you try this, what you love and why!

Thank you for reading! xo, Mireille

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