The Perfect Children’s Rug

April 11, 2016

LorenaCanals-rugs toddler-playroom LorenaCanals-rugs-toddler-playroom LorenaCanals-rugs LorenaCanals-rugs LorenaCanals-rugs-baby-playroom

Note the dinosaurs, those were completely lined up in a row by Jackson

LorenaCanals-rugs blablakids-baby-playroom LorenaCanals-rugs LorenaCanals-rugs blablakids-siblings-playroom blablakids-siblings-playroom blablakids-siblings-playroom blablakids-siblings-playroom blablakids-siblings-playroom LorenaCanals-playroom-rugs LorenaCanals-rugs-siblings kingcharles-cavalier-puppy-lorenacanals LorenaCanals-rugs-siblings LorenaCanals-rugs-siblings

Elston’s bow c/o: LaBelle Baby

I had to include a few of the two of them, when Jackson isn’t trying to climb ON her or throw her out of the swing, capturing them so sweet together. And although a little blurry, this last one can sum up everything about our Jackson!

Why is this the perfect children’s rug? Because it’s machine washable! Anyone with kids, or even pets, this is an amazing detail when dealing with decorating a room. With a toddler and a small baby now, we spend a lot of time on the floor, and especially our playroom floor. I am usually pushing around or connecting trains for Jackson (when the magnets don’t match up haha) and Elston needs somewhere to lay near me. Lorena Canals rugs are handmade without any toxic dyes, which is really important when you are thinking about your babies faces and skin touching it. We have this cute little bear rug, as Jackson says ‘Hi Bear’, to play, read books, and lay on. Jackson also loves to drink his milk recklessly (aka jumping and rolling), and I’m not worried about it ruining our rug… I can just throw it in the wash. I am also currently dealing with baby spit up quite often so that in itself makes playing on this rug stress-free for this momma. The rugs are SO soft and the options are endless though, and can be perfect for nurseries too!

Thanks for stopping by and taking a peek into our lives!


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